Know Your Audience!

Know your audience! If you choose your audience well, you have no need to be funny, or informative, or rational, or coherent.

Ok, maybe you all already knew that. But I’ve been teaching at Cuttlefish U., and our students are actually pretty smart, so I clearly have not chosen my audience well. And you, dear readers, are even smarter (and probably better looking, and you likely smell pretty good too), so I can’t get away with things like cheap flattery.

Actually… come to think of it, you *are* smart–so could one of you please explain the following to me? From context, I get that it is supposed to be funny. That’s point B. I need somebody to get me there from point A:

(To answer your question–I’m on several conservative mailing lists, which inundate my inbox on an hourly basis. I could unsubscribe, but you see what I might miss!)


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Like Cuttlefish I’m obviously missing something. I was under the impression that humor and jokes were supposed to generate laughs, chuckles, guffaws, and similar expressions of hilarity. So why didn’t Ms. Jackson’s comicality produce these things rather than a feeling of tedium and ennui?

  2. says

    Opponents of President Obama took delight in discovering (as if it were hidden) a line in Dreams From My Father in which he wrote, “I was introduced to dog meat (tough)” (while living with his stepfather Lolo in Indonesia). Apparently this completely absolves Mitt Romney of any responsibility for treating his own dog as car-top baggage. People with microscopic minds, like Victoria Jackson, now amuse themselves by characterizing the president as a dog-eater. Look out, Bo! So [not] funny! Ha…. Ha…. Meh.

  3. says

    For her intended audience, this probably is funny.

    As for me, I don’t get it. He was fed dog as a kid, and didn’t really have a choice. Bo is still around, and he doesn’t eat dog meat any more.

    Like I said, funny for her intended audience. It must be a small audience.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Obama already acknowledged the dog-eating jokes at the press corps dinner–prior to that, I can see making such a joke, but now it’s like making an “edgy” long-form birth certificate joke–dated. Old. No Longer Funny.

    But then, I just saw a story in my inbox that I would have thought was old enough to drink already, presented as if it was cutting-edge.

    Timing, timing, timing.

  5. says

    No, these idiocies never go away. The crazy sheriff in Arizona just released a lump of warmed-up leftovers from the last birther spree of uninformed “research” and speculation. Nothing that hadn’t been debunked over a year ago, yet he calls a press conference as if something new is happening. (Yeah, what’s new is that one of his minions has a book to promote.)

  6. davem says

    Her voice alone put me off. I waited for the joke, but it never came. On the other hand, I didn’t know about the dog eating thing. It’s just as well the Victoria Jackson show doesn’t reach the UK.

    Those right wing crazies that think Obama is one of them there mooslims, might reflect on the fact that Obama keeps a dog, Unlike a true muslim, who thinks them unclean.

  7. die anyway says

    I kept thinking that there might be some biting satire coming but it just trailed off into nothing. For me, absolute nothing because like davem I didn’t know about the dog eating. So he ate dog, so what? It’s all dna-based protein.

  8. Francisco Bacopa says

    She just isn’t funny without Al Franken writing her jokes for her. Amazing that he used to do that. She was actually quite good when she had the proper guidance.

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