Still Here. Still Alive.

I know, I’ve been quiet. I figured the last thing people needed was another privileged voice, so I have been doing much more reading and listening. Wednesday my students were in shock, and in tears. Cuttlespouse didn’t eat for 2 days, didn’t leave the house until yesterday. It’s depressing… and we are *not* amongst the groups specifically in the GOP’s crosshairs. So I’m not going to tell anyone “it will be ok”, and I am not going to tell anyone to “give him a chance”.

In fact, I’m going to cut this short before it becomes a rant, and encourage you to read some of the other voices.

Oh, but I guess I need a verse:

It’s been a few days, and my appetite’s back
Though I mightn’t be wrong if I doubt it.
The world hasn’t ended. Not yet, anyway,
Or I’m doing okay, here, without it.
I’m told I should look through the Trump voters’ eyes
(I say “told”, but in truth, people shout it)
And they say it’s the way these things normally go…
But there’s nothing that’s normal about it.

The Donald is choosing his lackeys and chumps
(That’s a popular way to construe it)
He’d claimed he was ready to drain out the swamp
(But the swamp-dwellers mostly saw through it)
So it’s sycophants, cronies, and corporate hacks
Did they gamble on Trump? No, they knew it!
Politicians may pivot to popular plots
But it’s not the way demagogues do it

A week ago—less!—and the pollsters were sure
It’s impossible Donald could win it.
Though he’s millions behind in the popular vote
“It’s a landslide!” is how he will spin it
And it’s bitter as bile, this pill we choke down
It’s a pill with a message within it:
A fascist like Trump must be actively fought…
And today must be when we begin it


  1. StevoR says

    Won’t let hate win. Not if I can help it. Great rhyme & ending – or beginning.

    Oh & off-topic there’s the development here via Dana Hunter’s blog :

    … 80K votes were missing after the computer “glitch” in Durham, which has NC’s highest concentrations of African American voters. Both of those were states Clinton lost by less than the amount of missing votes. In both states, especially in WI, they may affect the downticket races as well.

    ADDED: 800K mail-in votes in FL were “never returned” according to the election board there. INVESTIGATE!

    Seems Trump might’ve been right about the election being rigged after all – will anything be done about this?

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