1. ledasmom says

    My husband and I voted a couple of weeks back, on the first day of early voting in Massachusetts. I’ll miss the solidarity of voting on election day, but this way, if any calamity affects us on the day, our votes are already in and we don’t have to worry about that at least.
    Of course, this is Massachusetts, and Clinton would win here easily without our votes, but we wanted to get ours in, to take part.

  2. Onamission5 says

    I voted early last week. Yay, voting.

    Recommencing holding my breath and waiting for Wednesday.

  3. Thinker says

    As everyone everywhere, I will be affected by your election, but don’t have a vote – all I can do is to urge those of you who have one to go to the polls!

    In addition, you are perhaps looking for a new canine-in-chief, guard dog, whatever, and the following advice may come in handy. There is no connection whatsoever to political events, of course – comparing dogs and (certain) politicians would be demeaning to dogs.

    Your doghouse for Top Dog’s soon vacant? You say: “Can’t
    We try a new breed?”
    Understandable, but
    Be careful selecting your tyke: key is psyche –
    A pedigreed pooch can behave like a mutt.
    If you want a dog to rely on, then why on
    This earth would you look to some unstable hound?
    You certainly shouldn’t endow a Chihuahua
    Who yelps “You’re the lap dog!” and “Go to the pound!”,

    Who isn’t, by visible token, housebroken,
    Whose flea infestation has yielded an itch,
    Without any records (thus, maybe has rabies),
    Who thinks every female’s his very own bitch.
    And never use outward appearance for clearance –
    The fur may be bright on a mind that is dark –
    Then make sure you aren’t forgetting when vetting
    That maybe his bite’s even worse than his bark!

    Finally, my remaining worry is that you never know how a cornered and disrespected dog and its pack will react…

  4. Great American Satan says

    mi casa cast three votes against the orange & filled out the downballot stuff too.

  5. fusilier says

    My Beloved and Darling Wife, and I, were in line when the polls opened.

    Voted for Secretary Clinton, Evan Bayh, John Gregg, Andre Carson. Carson is a shoe-in for Congress, Gregg has a good chance to be Governor, Bayh looks like he will lose the Senate to Tod Young (a Rafael E. Cruz wannabe,) and that mass of orange setae controlling an android sitting in the center of the uncanny valley will probably take Indiana’s Electoral college votes.

    Voted in favor of a tax to help pay for mass-transit.

    fusilier, in Indianapolis
    James 2:24

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