National Sandwich Day

Today (here in the US, that is) is National Sandwich Day. And while others are using the day to ponder the ultimate question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich (of course not, it’s a hot dog; don’t be ridiculous), I take today to consider the sandwich as a metaphor. Remembering Warren Zevon’s advice, when he knew he was dying, to “enjoy every sandwich”, I wrote the following as the response to those who say that things are meaningless unless they are eternal.

I’d constructed the ultimate sandwich
Perfection in bread, cheese, and meat
But there’s something I don’t understand, which
Has been making it harder to eat

See, although it is surely delightful
There’s a truth that I cannot suspend
That at some point, I’ll reach the last bite full
And the pleasure will come to an end

And my life, too, is not everlasting
And the Reaper will pay me a call
It’s the same, whether gorging or fasting
So why am I eating at all?

Since nothing in life lasts forever
There’s one life, all too brief, here on earth
The argument’s not even clever
That a transient joy has no worth

There are joys in this life to be tasted
There are days filled with utter delight
There is too little time to be wasted
There’s a sandwich—enjoy every bite!


  1. says

    But….Apparently yesterday was also National Men Make Dinner Day!
    Not only that, but…
    …it was also National Housewives Day!!!

    It’s a conspiracy!!
    Remember ‘Once is happenstance; twice is co-incidence; three times is a conspiracy of housewives to get badly made sandwiches’!!!!

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    According to the legend, the Earl of Sandwich originally requested “a slice of meat between two slices of bread.”

    A sausage (Vienna or other), is not a “slice”; nor is a bun; therefore a hot dog does not qualify.

    The same, alas, must apply to the terminologically orphaned peanut-butter-‘n’-jelly thing.

  3. intransitive says

    Scott Walker is being (deservedly) mocked for his attempts to “connect with the commoners”. He posted a photo of his bland ham and cheese sandwich.

    A rightwing “family values” republican who opposes anything but a gender binary shows a sandwich containing binary ingredients – one a euphemism for political pork, and one a slang for women. Great job of “connecting”, charlie.

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