“Three Major Voter Suppression Operations”

Most campaigns have a get-out-the-vote strategy. Trump’s campaign has “three major voter suppression operations“. These, you must realize, are in addition to the registry challenges, the cuts to early voting or number of polling places, and the limits on acceptable ID, all tactics which systematically hurt minority populations, students, and other groups who tend to lean democratic.

“Democratic”. Remember when that meant a system where people voted? Imagine knowing “hey, if all of our people vote, and all of their people vote, we will lose”, and instead of realizing and accepting that the majority disagrees with you, instead of working hard to convince people to see your points, instead of maybe changing some of your platform to better reflect what the actual population wants… instead of that, you try to burn the whole thing down–you know, just so long as their stuff burns first.

We have to prune the registries
Of enemies of note—
What sort of country would we have
If everyone could vote?

The Democrats, the radicals,
Minorities, and such—
Imagine the calamity!
It isn’t asking much

The patriotic duty of
Each woman and each man
To trim the list of enemies—
As many as we can.

We push each technicality,
And watch the numbers fall…
Yes, things will run much smoother, when
We needn’t vote at all!


  1. StevoR says

    @ ^ eddie : Huh?

    Even assuming that Hillary Clinton actually did anything comparable with Trump – an unsupported and highly dubious claim – that doesn’t make sense in the same way that two wrongs somehow adding up to a right doesn’t make sense.

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