Happy National Coffee Day!

For particular personal reasons (not terribly unfathomable), I am particularly grateful to coffee this week. Not for coffee, but to coffee (and yes, to my coffee supplier, who has spoiled me such that I dread coffee shops, and can’t wait for my own home brew). I’ve written a few coffee verses over the years, and have long wanted an excuse to re-post the following verse, on the physics of the coffee ring. The full explanation is at the original posting. [Read more…]

False Balance (or, Fun With Amphibrachs!)

Political writing is hard to decipher;
It’s taking some effort—I’m trying!
I note the gymnastics reporters engage in,
Avoiding the phrase “Trump is lying”
They try to play fair; it’s a hopeless endeavor:
“He misrepresents what she’s saying”
The proper translation of Trump’s elocution:
“The Tangerine Jackass is braying!”
Reporters are fighting reflexive defenses—
Which, frequently, Trump can elicit—
But really, his lies need near constant addressing;
By ducking, the press are complicit! [Read more…]