“Basket Of Deplorables”

The “basket of deplorables”
are tearing out their hair
I find it totes adorables
they’d think I’d ever care

They strive to be offensive
in the rallies that we’ve seen
whether Trump-eting or Pence-ive
but this “basket” thing’s just mean!

We’ve gone and hurt their feelings,
so they’re gonna cry a bit,
though the “basket”’s more appealing
Than the truer “barge of shit”.

If bigots aren’t deplorable
If racists aren’t, as well;
The way you think is horrible
And everyone can tell.

If only Clinton had said “a lot of” instead of “half”, the pearl-clutchers would have no leg to stand on. But it is undeniable that Trump has some supporters for whom “undesirable” is hyperbolically euphemistic. And Trump and Pence (and others) have been all butt-hurt on behalf of these assholes, tsk-tsking Clinton as if calling a racist a racist is a far greater affront than, say, actually being a racist.

Clinton has had to walk back her remarks, a bit. The good news is, she says she does regret saying “half”, but does not back down from calling out alt-right, white supremacists, bigotry and racism.

The sort of hate speech we see at Trump rallies *should* be called out, rather than defended. Frankly, Trump and Pence should be calling it out themselves; instead, they have amplified the social media presence of such people, passed along dog whistles, and have invited criticisms that should have no home outside of conspiracy believers. For instance, is it coincidence that Trump’s list of generals and admirals has 88 names on it? Did that number just happen to fall out? “88” is a dog-whistle, often seen in the tattoos of neo-nazis. (8th letter of the alphabet is H; 88 is HH, for “Heil Hitler”) If any politician at random had a list of 88 names, I wouldn’t think twice about a hidden meaning; Trump, though? It would be part of a dog-whistling pattern.

I feel like Glenn Beck for even making the suggestion. Blech.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    I don’t see any point in imploring such persons.

    And they’re too shallow and foul to explore.

    What’s left? You can’t re-, dis-, sup-, in-, out-, over-, under-, super-, sub-, hyper-, hypo-, counter-, trans-, pre-, post-, pro-, con-, extra-, be-, a-, quasi-, mis-, mini-, max-, anti-, endo-, meso-, ecto-, toti-, omni-, intra-, infra-, semi-, demi-, arch-, eco-, en-, em-, or un- plore ’em.

    Really, de-ploring is better than they deserve. Ignore ’em!

  2. AlexanderZ says

    Wow. That’s just… I’m speechless. I knew Trump was very close to an actual Nazi, but I didn’t think he’d be so brazen about it.
    What’s next? Adorning his clothes with sig and wolfsangel runes? Calling 1919 the year of blood and honor? Saying he has 14 words for the nation? Liking 420 for its other meaning?
    The funny thing is that if any of those things were/are true he’d still won’t lose any votes from his constituents.

  3. brucegee1962 says

    With Clinton’s comment, I’m reminded of the definition of a gaffe: when a politician accidentally speaks the truth.

  4. Die Anyway says

    When she said “half” was wrong, did that mean that the number is less than half or MORE than half? Because I’m thinking it’s close to 100%.

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