She Was Black; He Was Blue

Remember the story of Officer Slam?
Well known by the students to not give a damn–
He struggled, determined he wouldn’t be beat
By a student who wouldn’t get out of her seat.
She wouldn’t submit, so he knew what to do;
There’s kind of a script, when she’s black and he’s blue.

His arm ’round her throat, she was thrown to the floor,
But she wouldn’t give up, so they struggled some more,
A moment or two, then away she was thrown
And a classmate had captured it all on a phone!
He was confident, though, he’d survive the review;
Cos he knew she was black, and he knew he was blue.

An update today, with no charges at all
(The girl threw a punch–that’s what started it all)
His actions were fine–or at least, that’s the gist,
And it’s simply bad luck that he fractured her wrist.
I looked through the story, but nothing was new:
It’s just how things are, when she’s black and he’s blue.

cuttlecap tip to the Lousy Canuck, via twitter.


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