Batty Bats!

So the cuttledog and I were walking, just a bit ago, and there were bats!

There used to be bats aplenty, every evening walk we took, but then the white-nose fungus hit. The bats disappeared. I’ve seen no bats at all, or one or two bats at most on any given night, for years. Tonight, I may have seen 6. At most 2 at a time, so it could have been as few as 2, but considering size and location, I think I saw 6 bats tonight, which I have not in years! Yes, they may be the tail end of a vanishing species… but I hope these beautiful sweeties are the vanguard of the white-nose fungus resistant bat resurrection!

And of course the song I had going through my head this evening…

Just for the record… I remembered it wrong! I clearly, and wrongly, remembered “one, batty-batty, two, batty-batty, something something something else” But damn, the Count rocks!


  1. Kylie S says

    Sadly I’ve only seen one bat here and it was dead, at a petrol station. Very tiny little bat. We have a different range of species to yours and now after being inspired to research, I’m thinking of installing a bat box.

  2. Kate Jones says

    Great waltzing, cute Counting, now tell me please,
    He fidgets with digits, what’s after THREE?
    He’s batting a thousand, cute as can be,
    But tell me, oh, spell me, what follows THREE?

  3. Pabs says

    Gosh. Poetry, atheism, biology, bats, even Sesame Street? This blog has all the cool things!

    I’d only just learned of the fungus scourge a few weeks ago, and what a shame. We still get bats in my area. They’re always roosting in the trees outside my house, and we’ve even had a few accidental houseguests over the years. I echo your hope that the population is finally finding its resistant stride.

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