New Token Skeptic Book!

Well, not quite available yet, but it’s on its way!

Former FtB colleague (and my pal) Kylie is putting together another book! Her last, “The Scope of Skepticism”, was terrific, and a reminder that there is a lot more variety to skepticism than you might think. I know, for myself, I get caught up in one or two areas, arguing with people, and I tend to forget that there are these other areas at all. Not Kylie. Where I would maybe think “huh. neat. never thought of that.”, she would up and interview the people who had all these different views to contribute. And do it exceedingly well, if you ask me.

Anyway, there is another book on the way, and by all rights this one should be even better–in part because a fantastic editor has signed on to the project (spoiler: FtB’s own Alex Gabriel). If you want to support this project (and there are some pretty neat incentives, if you are not a pure altruist), the indiegogo site is right here.

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