Six Word Stump Speeches?

Longwindedness is for the birds;
Come, state your case in just six words—
The candidates are rarely terse,
So take a chance; you can’t do worse!

Six word stump speeches. Why six words? I don’t know. But they could sure use an infusion of creative and intelligent people. So I thought of you immediately. Yes, you!

And yes, I tried my hand at a few. I did not use my Cuttlefish moniker, though, so you’ll have to guess.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Ugh. Most of the ones I saw were pretty bad.

    “God hates fags, vote for me” would be all too effective in many places.

  2. StevoR says

    6 word slogans you say, eh?*

    Obama :

    Hope and change – but not now!

    Rmoney :

    Better not the devil you know?

    PS. Hope this imitation is seen as flattery and y’enjoy.
    Oh, Cuttlefish, I love your work!

    * Do commas count? (Channeling Oscar Wild.)

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