1. Crudely Wrott says

    Thank you, Dear Cuttle. Water comes down from my eyes.

    That moon is his, he was the first and ever shall remain.
    One small step, now one last step, completing the refrain.

    He was a hero, I longed to follow in his steps.
    Yet still earthbound, my heart is unbound
    Longing more for paths that I will never tread.
    Still, just knowing that the challenge was well met
    Makes me treasure even deeper just exactly who we are.

    For that one step that he took I am made more fully human.
    I can scarcely imagine the steps that will follow
    On bright future days bathed in starlight
    Remembered in faces and names.

    *ps. thanks for the tom waits*

  2. StevoR says


    Gibbeous phase always looks more like a lemon slice to me.

    Grapefruit Moon?

    Thought it was green cheese.

    We’ve walked there now.

    A dozen people.

    Less one more today.

    But his footprints remain

    A million years more.

    – Cheers, Cuttlefish. Hope you find flattery in this stream of consciousness drunken imitation & enjoy.

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