One Year At Freethought Blogs

Today marks The Digital Cuttlefish’s one year anniversary here at Freethought Blogs–my first post here went up July 21st of 2011, a few days before the network went public. Thanks, Ed and PZ, for creating this space and populating it with these people. And thank you, readers and commenters, for the reactions that keep me addicted to writing here.

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Headline Muse, 7/20

Is the person, or system, at fault,
For the crimes which must come to a halt?
In today’s Air Force case
There was one guilty face—
Sergeant Walker committed assault.

Headline: Air Force instructor convicted of rape, assault

An Air Force instructor was convicted in military court Friday of raping one female recruit and sexually assaulting several others, giving prosecutors a victory in the first trial over alleged widespread sexual misconduct by military trainers at a busy Texas base.

A seven-person jury of military personnel at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio found Staff Sgt. Luis Walker guilty on all seven counts he faced, including rape, aggravated sexual contact and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. He faces up to life in prison and a dishonorable discharge at his sentencing hearing, which starts Saturday.

Know Your Audience!

Know your audience! If you choose your audience well, you have no need to be funny, or informative, or rational, or coherent.

Ok, maybe you all already knew that. But I’ve been teaching at Cuttlefish U., and our students are actually pretty smart, so I clearly have not chosen my audience well. And you, dear readers, are even smarter (and probably better looking, and you likely smell pretty good too), so I can’t get away with things like cheap flattery.

Actually… come to think of it, you *are* smart–so could one of you please explain the following to me? From context, I get that it is supposed to be funny. That’s point B. I need somebody to get me there from point A: [Read more…]

Look The Other Way, Redux

Via Ed, yet another establishment clause violation, and another group of privileged people helpfully telling us to look the other way so we aren’t offended by their breaking the law.

When the people face the loss of their local civic cross
They will gather in a circle and they’ll pray
Though it’s twenty-six feet tall, you can hear the common call:
“You don’t like it, then just look the other way!”… [Read more…]

God’s Been Making Plans

God’s been making plans again
To show us he’s our master
And time has shown, when god makes plans
It always spells disaster

God’s notion of a good idea
Is not the same as man’s—
So bar the windows! Bolt the doors!
Cos God’s been making plans.

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