Absolute Truth(s)

It’s fun* sometimes, to look at what other people think atheists must think. I saw an example of this recently:

Atheists love to tell Christians we’re just about as atheistic as they are. We’re atheistic about millions of gods; they’re atheistic about millions plus one more.

Okay, it’s silly, but I’ll address it one more time.

If God exists, then God is an atheist toward all gods but himself. Therefore God, if he exists, is very nearly (within mere thousandths of a percent!) as atheistic as atheists are.

That’s where their logic goes. The mind reels.

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Guest Post: “Selective Miracles”

Selective Miracles–courtesy of long-time commenter and friend of cuttlefish everywhere Joan

Just listened to a parent thanking God or Jesus Christ
(Or their angels, a convenient second string,)
For protecting his young children from the harm of being sliced
Through with bullets in a maniac’s last fling. (continues, after jump:) [Read more…]

New Pens!

How does one deal with writer’s block?

I can tell you a dozen things that don’t work. Scores of things that work badly. I’m trying cure number, I dunno, three hundred seventeen. The Pilot G-2 Mini (this is not an endorsement, this is a desperate attempt to beat writer’s block, which may or may not work), in four colors: [Read more…]

Lobster License Plate Song.

So, in my last post I mentioned the Maine lobster license plate. Well, I found a version of the Lobster License Plate Song (video after the jump), and it turns out that it was a protest song, that got the (well, the old version) lobster removed from the license plate. Now, there is a new (optional) design, with the same problem, as discussed in my last post–that is, the lobster is still red. Anyway, since I found a version, I thought I’d share it: [Read more…]

A Maine Mystery

The lobster on the license plate
Is brilliant, vivid red—
Which means, to folks who know such things
It’s cooked, and clearly dead.
But recently, some mutant forms
Are showing different hues,
With yellows, whites, and calicos,
And oranges and blues
So maybe, on that license plate
(For those, again, who care)
The lobster there, in vivid red,
Is not well-done… just rare. [Read more…]

21 Burned, In Clear Lack Of Faith

All the misses and the misters
Who walked barefoot over coals
And whose tootsies got some blisters
In defiance of their goals
Will be told they lacked conviction
Or they’d overcome the heat—
It’s a victim-blaming fiction,
And a scam that can’t be beat

You can pay a lot of money
To achieve a state of mind
But it’s still a little funny
(Though, in truth, a bit unkind)
That a walk across some fire
Had a lesson to be learned…
Have a care whom you admire;
Trust a fraud, and you’ll get burned [Read more…]