One Year At Freethought Blogs

Today marks The Digital Cuttlefish’s one year anniversary here at Freethought Blogs–my first post here went up July 21st of 2011, a few days before the network went public. Thanks, Ed and PZ, for creating this space and populating it with these people. And thank you, readers and commenters, for the reactions that keep me addicted to writing here.

From one year ago:

The gods have taken many guises;
Fathers, mothers, monsters, friends,
Tricksters bent on bold surprises
Schemers bent on selfish ends
That’s how we’ve known ‘em.

We’ve done our best to try to please ,
To understand as best we could;
For eons we had bent our knees;
Then questioned gods, then boldly stood,
And now, outgrown ‘em.

This was once a beautiful temple.  Now it is a beautiful swamp.

I took this photo at the Temple of Isis at Dion, in the shadow of Mount Olympus.   Long-time readers with photographic memories might remember me using it once before.  It must have been a beautiful temple; it certainly is a beautiful swamp.


  1. Randomfactor says

    Congratulations on the anniversary. Like the statue in the swamp, you do class the place up a bit. :)

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I’ll take your compliment, lcaution, but of course it couldn’t have been luck: this place was intelligently designed!

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