The Mitt Romney Drinking Song

I love this–my recent campaign song for Mitt Romney has been recorded by a reader*, in what sounds to me like a wonderfully raucous drinking song. Mind you, I had my own melody in mind when I wrote it, and it is nothing like what you are about to hear… but for the life of me, I can’t get this tune out of my head to re-hear my original! (viddy after jump:)

I want to encourage any and all readers to have fun with my verses and songs, and to share them with us when you do!

*I’ll happily give credit, but I need to find out whether he wants to be identified or not. I did get permission to share the video, though.


  1. David Hart says

    Nice tune. Can I recommend that the performer invest in a pop shield, though? Or even just try singing slightly past, rather than directly into, the microphone?



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