I Was Wrong! (Yes, You Can Make This Up!)

I am happy as a pig in mud to say I was very wrong–I was suckered by a very good (ok, you might think it was obvious, but I admit it fooled me) parody. Take a look at the Manka Bros, singing some “Praise-Hop”… or maybe “Praise-Bop”.

Poe’s law holds true again; they fooled me and I admit it. Good on ya, Manka Faith Family…

Hilarious. Thank you to commentors Senor, Articulett, and Mephistopholes, for being smarter than me, and sussing out this wonderful parody. And thanks to Manka Bros for creating such a horrible, wonderful parody.

You got me.


  1. mephistopheles says

    There are hundreds of comments on YouTube for the most part reacting similarly to the first post here. Upon further reflection, I find myself wondering whether:

    (a) it’s an indication of a very human tendancy to immediately think the worst of a person/group that is oppositional to one’s own; or

    (b) it’s a commentary of how easily believable/credible this kind of thing is; thus, it’s really not too far removed from can happen in “real life”– which is the really scary thing?

  2. says

    HA! They got Greg Laden many months ago (and I credulously picked up the story from him too). They deserve a lot of credit for some spot on satire right there. And coming from kids!

  3. Retired Prodigy Bill says

    Of the several reasons I stopped watching Saturday Night Live, one is that satire in today’s culture is incredibly difficult to do since so many bat-shit insane, over-the-top ridiculous positions are accepted as somewhat mainstream.

    Yes, I was duped as well. Why? Not because I can’t recognize satire (like my former students who thought fattening babies for English tables was a real suggestion), but because there are a large group of people who actually think there is nothing wrong, and everything normal, with the Manka Bros position.

  4. mephistopheles says

    Yes. What RP Bill said. THAT’s what I was trying to say. You just said it better.

    P.S. The entire Manka Bros site is a laugh riot. My favorite kind of comedy, esp in light of the Times’ description of its creators.

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