Headline Muse 1/7

In New Hampshire, a guaranteed Gomer*
Can believe that life owes him a homer—
In the first-voting state
Let’s shake up the debate
By inviting both Karger and Roemer!

Headline: Let’s shake things up: Let Roemer, Karger debate (might need to register.)

Come on… you’ve heard everything the big dogs are going to say. The one advantage New Hampshire claims to offer is a chance for the little voices. The people without a ghost of a chance. So let’s make NH relevant. Let’s invite some of the also-rans to the big show.

This is the time to make our primary more relevant than any of the other forums and debates to this point and rewrite the contest – which we often do.

Inviting former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer to the table would draw attention to an issue that he has been focusing on: campaign financing and where the money to buy the presidency comes from. It’s long overdue. And it can be done by just an invitation.

And of course, the candidate already endorsed by The Digital Cuttlefish

In addition to Roemer, Fred Karger has also been running a serious statewide campaign. He should be invited to the table as well.

Karger has a different view on social issues than the rest of the Republican field, and that could generate a broader, more meaningful dialogue – which should be the goal of any debate.

Of course, this being the right thing to do means pretty much that there is no chance in hell that it will be done.

Sadly… *”Gomer” (an acronym–Get Out of My Emergency Room) has a few definitions, but the common thread is that they are pretty much already dead, they just don’t know it.


  1. Phledge says

    Without sounding too pedantic, it’s actually “get out of my emergency room.” Cf “House of God,” Shem. Did I mention that I think you’re the next Shel Silverstein?

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Jesus Fuck, did I actually say “operating room”? You are quite right, Phledge–I’m gonna fix it in the post, but leave these comments as a monument to my idiocy.

    And no, you didn’t, and nobody gets to insult Silverstein around here!

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