The U.S. War On Religion

While nobody wants us to see a sharia,
Respecting some other religion is fine
With proud church-and-state separation, this nation
Can make one exception—allowing for mine.
My faith is a factor in hiring and firing,
In filling prescriptions, in working with gays;
I’ll claim I’m the victim of warring, ignoring
The laws that the rest of the country obeys

The language that’s used in campaigning, explaining
How Christians are victims of hatred outright,
Is carefully tuned to the masses of asses
Who eagerly listen, convinced that it’s right.
The pandering pinheads are trying, by lying,
To gather their forces, to strengthen their core;
The truth is too boring, but fighting’s exciting—
To rally the troops, they’ve invented a war.

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Via NPR, Barbara Bradley Hagerty asks the musical question “Has Obama Waged A War On Religion?” Basically, groups that have enjoyed immense privilege are being asked to play by the same rules as everyone else. That is, if you want government money, it comes with the proviso that you must use it lawfully. You can’t discriminate, for instance, no matter how much your god might want you to.

Not giving government money to these groups is not the same as taking their own money away. (Oddly enough, not taxing these groups is the same as taxing everybody else more heavily.) But of course, the “War On Religion” angle gets more votes. From a powerless minority that’s being discriminated against despite being the majority in this Christian nation.

It’s all quite simple, really.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    From a powerless minority that’s being discriminated against despite being the powerful majority in this Christian nation.

    You missed a word.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Oooh… damn, you are right. Much better that way. Or even overwhelming majority. I will leave it unchanged in the original, though, as a monument to my ignorance.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    Thank you! It’s my own contribution to verse–I have written several posts using it! It does need an official name, though; been trying a few out, but none stick. Sepielle?

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