1. quixote says

    Sexist and a modern invention. I was around in the Paleolithic and read Peanuts every day ever since we all got off Noah’s Ark and there was never anything like that in it.

    When it was sexist, it was the completely unconscious kind that comes from being embedded in your time. This stupidity is direct, unfunny and intentional. Completely out of character.

    Plus, as with a lot of the gentler humor pre-Internet, half the fun was extracted from reversing reality. The upshot of a real Charlie Schulz joke would have had the bird one up on Snoopy.

  2. Anna Y says

    It’s very possible that I’m missing or misinterpreting something, but when I saw this I thought it was ironic not because the shirt was parroting a misogynist trope, but because it was subverting it: the statement is directed at a literal baby bird rather than a woman (which is what’s meant to be denoted by “chick” in this context) and the chick is shown to be chirping, not actually talking, which makes it seem all the more nonsensical of Snoopy to use the generalized put down “chicks talk too much”. I interpreted this as demonstrating/lampooning the incoherence of the actual stereotype. Am I just imagining a too-generous interpretation into being?

  3. derek lactin says

    I think some people need a sense of humor.
    This T is ludicrous from both perspectives.

  4. moarscienceplz says

    Peanuts has always seemed to me to be rather misogynist. Lucy is a bully. Peppermint Patty tends to steamroll anybody ( usually Charlie Brown or Marcie) in order to get her way. Snoopy has usually been the free spirit who just wanted to live and let live, but now even he is poisoned. Rats!

  5. laekvk says

    “Just everyday sexism.” Haha if this is everyday sexism you are the most privileged lady. it’s a little bit ironic, still not “funny” though, and it doesn’t go “beyond” anything so it’s not meta.

    Raise your hackles at better examples of patriarchal anti-female-humanism (only men are allowed to reach their full potential).

  6. flippyshark says

    Not only is Woodstock not a baby chicken, he is also a male character. So the gag fails on that level too. Dumb and thoughtless.

  7. Chaos-Engineer says

    “Just everyday sexism.” Haha if this is everyday sexism you are the most privileged lady.

    “Everyday sexism” is kind of a confusing expression. If I had to try to define it, I’d say that it means something like “The kind of sexism that’s so widely accepted that doesn’t immediately get recognized as sexism”. So when you point out that it’s not that big a deal to you, that’s not a good argument. By definition, most people don’t think that “everyday sexism” is a big deal, assuming they even notice it at all.

    You’re on the right track, but what you need to do is search around until you find a blog article that uses a phrase like “obvious sexism” . Then you can chime in and say, “If you think that’s sexist then you’re among the 99% most privileged people on the planet.” and follow it with an example of sexism that only affects the most persecuted %1 of the global population. Finish up with “Checkmate, feminists!” and you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing whatever it is you think you’re trying to accomplish.

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