“Our 11 year old is in labor right now”

Another very bad thing.


May 26 at 10:16am

Our 11 year old is in labor right now. She is 35 weeks and doing fantastic busting every myth out there! She is strong and holding on to her faith in the Lord.

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It’s not a poe.

This lil boy born prematurely to a 14 yo raped by a 66 yo online predator.
He is healthy and mom is thrilled with her precious gift from God.


That 14-year-old is so lucky to have been raped.

More on the 11-year-old:

While Amnesty International, the UN and others are doing everything in their power to see that babies die, I have the joy of currently helping another adolescent in the U.S. She was 10 when she was raped and turned 11 two months after becoming pregnant by a 13 year old. She is now eight months pregnant and doing fantastic with the support of her family and CHOICES4LIFE. She has been very active in sports also. Bet that’s a surprise to you. Doctors say she will be able to deliver naturally but should complications arise as with any pregnancy the option for a caesarean section is there.

This 11 year old girl, now 8 months pregnant, offers some advice to those other young girls in her situation: “Don’t listen to all those people who don’t know what you’re going through. That’s not their baby. It’s yours!” She has discovered what almost all the mothers I’ve worked with have discovered. Her baby is helping her to heal even before she has seen her precious lil one. The girl’s mother plans to raise the baby with all the love a grandmother should feel though she is barely in her 30s. She understands that her family is precious no matter how they came to be. The eleven year old is joyously looking forward to seeing and holding her baby. She’s picked a name that says her baby is a gift from heaven. This family is such an inspiration proving giving life is better than taking it. But the world refuses to understand.

The world refuses to understand what? The size of an 11-year-old’s pelvis?


  1. Blanche Quizno says

    This is beyond disgusting. Notice how the women are speaking for the girls, who are apparently not allowed to speak for themselves. This is just more Christian child abuse – Christianity is chock full of it, but this is one of the most heinous.

  2. says

    If that truly is HER CHOICE then it’s okay. But the 10 year old girl in Paraguay who is currently pregnant from being raped by her stepfather wants an abortion and is suicidal according to reports. What this choices4life org doesn’t seem to understand is that it’s a matter of choice and the poor girl in Paraguay doesn’t have one. This makes me sick. Kids being forced to have a baby after they’ve been raped by sick old men.

  3. says

    Your what is doing what, now?

    That’s… that’s for serious?

    I can’t even…

    What about what the children themselves wanted? What about their feels? What about their health? All because of the “sanctity of life”…

  4. Broken Things says

    253 people like this

    That’s 253 people I hope I never have the dubious pleasure of meeting.

  5. yazikus says

    Just reading it makes me feel sick. Of course after being brainwashed her whole life that babies are a gift from god and being told she’ll be able to pick out a name, etc, she might think she wants to have a baby. She is still probably playing with dolls. What the fuck. A baby, a little eleven year old baby. How is that not torture?

  6. luzclara says

    Sickening. What a sick bunch. But that little girl is so active in sports. . . and that little boy was merely playing doctor. . . I’ll bet 11 year old and her mother, the 30 year old, have even forgiven him.


  7. iknklast says

    How horrifying. When I was 11, I was quite mature for my age, and I would not have felt ready for a baby. I was still trying to figure out my menstrual cycle. That was confusing enough.

    But my sisters and I got older. My older sister never quit hoping her pre-teen daughters would get pregnant so she could keep and raise the baby as her own (after all, she only had 8). What sort of a mother is that, I asked myself? Who in the world could think that would be a good thing.

    Her daughters are in their 30s now, and still not mothers. Good for them. They made their own choices in spite of her. I wish this little girl had the same opportunity.

  8. leni says

    I wish I hadn’t clicked the link.

    I hovered and then decided I had less infuriating things to do :/

  9. Seeker2 says

    I…can’t even. At 11 years old, I barely weighed 100 pounds and had just broken the 5-foot-tall barrier, and I was average for my age. A baby and all the extra fluids and all that go with it add another 30 pounds. How is this girl’s body even taking the strain? How in the world can this little girl push a baby through an adolescent pelvis? What kind of sick, perverted mind thinks this is acceptable?

  10. says

    Irene @ 2 – honestly I don’t think it is ok even if it is in some sense her “choice.” I don’t think that’s a choice a child of 11 gets to make. Children of 11 are just too young to make major life decisions on their own – and too young to bear children.

  11. deepak shetty says

    If that truly is HER CHOICE then it’s okay.
    Because a 11 yr old can evaluate parenthood?
    I don’t know how you would resolve this choice issue but I doubt the 11 year old has been told both sides honestly.

  12. luzclara says

    No. An 11 year old’s brain is seriously underdeveloped in the area of weighing issues and making decisions. This is one reason that we don’t let them do things like enter into marriage contracts, perform brain surgery, or drive cars. Even if she had all the information in the world she could not make a choice b/c she cannot consent to anything, not legally and not developmentally.
    30 year old Mommy wanting another darling baby in her arms is also operating with a brain that doesn’t work very well.
    Gaawwwd this makes me feel sick.

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