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Of course.

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THE AMAZING ATHEIST! ‏@amazingatheist 14 hours ago
Hey @CHSommers I would love to have you on my podcast, The Drunken Peasants.

Christina H. Sommers ‏@CHSommers
@amazingatheist Any time. Huge fan.

If you’ve forgotten who the amazing atheist is and what he’s like, just take a squiz at his feed.


  1. says

    This is sort of like how it would feel to hear that Rush Limbaugh is a huge fan of Roosh– only surprising in that the former is familiar with the latter, but not at all in terms of how similar their views actually are.

  2. ZugTheMegasaurus says

    I have to chuckle a bit every time I see Sommers mentioned at this point. Were it not for reading her books, I would still be rabidly anti-feminist. Instead, those books would push me into a total 180-degree flip, ending up as an unapologetic feminist. Somehow I doubt that was her intention.

  3. Chris B says

    The AA’s name is at least accurate. I am constantly amazed (and ashamed) by the fact that we have anything at all in common. It’s not enough to turn me religious. But if people say they think atheists are arrogant imbeciles, I agree with them on at least one example, unfortunately.

  4. doublereed says

    I’m always amazed by how people can be fans of the Amazing Atheist. Arrogance and smugness is one thing, but he genuinely seems like a hateful, mean person. Like people usually excuse behavior with “Oh well he’d be good to have a beer with” or something. But I absolutely would never want to have a beer with him. He’d probably just rant the whole time like a conspiracy theorist.

    At least I think I could have a somewhat normal conversation with CHS.

  5. Wowbagger, Heaper of Scorn says

    Well, at least if they’re hanging out with each other they’re less likely to be bothering other people…

  6. says

    Apart from the content, a lot of the anti-ethics YouTube crowd tend to mostly fall into the “poorly thought out shouty thing” and less often into the “boring drone of badly supported ideas” categories. Even people I generally agree with tend to be AMAZING at being intolerable to listen to when you put them on camera.

    “Amazing” Atheist is a horrible human being. We know this. He’s also really terrible at presenting his horrible viewpoints in a way that is remotely watchable. I’m guessing CHS mostly caught onto his “horrible human being” vibe and immediately had the emotional response “this is one of my people!!”

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