The doctor wanted to approve the flogging

Terrible news via a public Facebook post by Ensaf Haider.

Important-Urgent: We received information that last Friday ‪#‎RaifBadawi‬ was subjected to a third medical examination to see if he was fit for a second session of lashing!

This surprising/unsettling examination came despite the conclusion of a previous medical check that was done two days earlier which recommended the stopping of any future flogging. #RaifBadawi

Strangely, the doctor conducting the examination wanted to sign the paper and approve the flogging, but due to discussions that took place and the previous medical report, he finally agreed to postpone the flogging for a further medical examination!

As a result, the intentions of the Saudi authorities are not clear and there is a possibility that the flogging of #RaifBadawi may take place again this Friday.

Keep up the pressure.


  1. Blanche Quizno says

    Perhaps that doctor needs to be flogged – he seems quite lacking in understanding, so perhaps he just needs some first-hand experience in that area.

  2. Kevin Kehres says

    Sadly, since the new king took over, there have already been several beheadings. I seriously doubt he’s going to signal a progressive shift by reducing Badawi’s sentence.

    Every indication is that Salman’s regime will be at least as regressive, if not moreso, than his predecessor.

  3. Phillip Hallam-Baker says

    The new king is by several accounts already suffering from dementia. So expecting positive change from the top is hopeless.

    This is the regime that the west has been supporting for decades and one of the main reasons that there is no opposition is that the NSA/CIA have regularly passed information over to the Saudi authorities so dissidents could be murdered.

    All forms of dissent in Saudi Arabia are described as ‘terrorism’. So when the likes of Gen Hayden are talking about the use of PRISM etc. to ‘stop terrorism’ ask yourself if he is just meaning what happened in Paris or the Saudi definition as well. We have proof that the NSA trades raw intercept data with Israel and there is no reason to believe that Saudi Arabia does not get the same treatment.

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