Nous sommes

Photos via Stephanie Beauge of AFP on Twitter:

New York Times World @nytimesworld · 4 hours ago
A crowd gathered in Toulouse for the national moment of silence for the #CharlieHebdo victims

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This one made me choke up:

Grégoire Lemarchand @greglemarchand · 5 hours ago
#JeSuisCharlie #AFP

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  1. ema says

    And here’s one to make you choke up but not in a good way.

    (I can’t tell who’s censoring, The Daily News or the original source.)

  2. RJW says

    @1 ema,

    Yes, that image really is worth a thousand words, the MSM should publish the cartoons ( they probably won’t). Candles in the rain won’t make any difference whatsoever.

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