Machine guns and cat condos

More Charles Vacca, because it’s…just…so…


Exciting life change. Didn’t work out all that well.

Caption: “Yes it is!!!!!”

Photo: I went to see her the day before I left Germany and I told her Goodbye Frauline.  I will miss you my old M2HB Browning .50 Caliber machinegun!! Ah, I wonder where SHE is TODAY??? LOL This,SCOUTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caption: “Yep”

Photo: An Important Memorandum to All American Patriots Watch This Video Now Or You’ll Hate Yourself Later On

Caption: “Lol”

Photo: Dear Ladies,  Valentine's Day is Coming! #Barrett #Gunhumor #2A

But then, back in November…

Photo: Whoa..Fat ass made it to the top of the cat condo. Haven't seen her do that in a while.


  1. Al Dente says

    When I was in the military I taught the .50 cal machine gun. The thrill of firing it wore off very quickly. The thrill of cleaning it after it had been fired wore off even more quickly.

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