Minutt for minutt

Ok now I know what I’ll be watching on my laptop in small increments for the next six months or so…

Norway’s public tv station NRK did a week long real-time program that was a trip on its famous Hertigruten ferry from Bergen to Kirkenes, a trip that takes six days and passes some of the most skull-crushingly beautiful scenery on the planet – possibly the most: National Geographic has called the fjords the top Thing To See in the world. I have a huge crush on the fjords, just so you know.

One of my local PBS stations ran an hour-long extract from that show last night, so now I want to see all six days, and god damn if NRK doesn’t have it right there for the watching. Thank you NRK.

The ferry – the Nordnorge – takes a side trip to Geiranger Fjord. There’s also Troll Fjord.

The show is 134 hours and 42 minutes.


  1. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    Both the jokes I thought of in the first two comments, really? Sigh, one day I’ll be clever…..

  2. latsot says

    It’s a weekend trip there and back for me. It annoys me that I’ve never done it. It’s Liz’ fault. She says it would be too cold. I should ditch her and go with Fortran.

  3. says

    You should do it, with Liz or Fortran or some random person off the street or no one. And send me photos and videos to post.

    I watched some of the full version of the tv-trip yesterday. It’s enthralling.

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