More haha rape jokes haha

Because we just never get tired of them, right?

Here’s another instance of rape culture to add to the ever-lengthening list: French so-called “comedian” Rémi Gaillard’s latest video, Free Sex.

In the prank, Gaillard stands a few feet away from unsuspecting women and, using the camera’s trick of perspective, makes it look like they’re having sex. He simulates sex with a woman tying her shoelace on the sidewalk, another reading on a park lawn and a third rifling through her handbag in a grocery store aisle. And he uses women smoking on a bench and eating their lunch in the sunshine to imitate oral sex.

It’s hilarious because the victims don’t know he’s there, but he’s having sex with them. Non-consensual sex is the whole joke.

Hey listen, they’re out in public. That’s implied consent. That’s why street harassment exists: women imply consent by going outside. Everybody knows that.

Roselyne Bachelot, France’s former health minister, called the video out for “glorifying rape” according to The Independent. “The film is abject. Absolutely abject. It is rape. The word is not too strong,” she said.

No sense of humor. Feminazi. Ruining a good guy’s reputation.


  1. Al Dente says

    I’m obviously missing something because I completely fail to see any humor in the video. Is Gaillard playing a just-post pubescent virgin? Or does he just have no respect for other people?

  2. says

    Let’s see if I can explain it. I live near the viewpoint in Seattle from which 90% of the postcards of Seattle are photographed: it looks out over Elliott Bay and downtown with Mount Rainier (on a clear day) in the background and the Space Needle in the foreground. People like to pose holding out a hand in such a way that it looks as if the Space Needle is perched on the palm.

    It’s like that. Only funny. Because humping.

  3. Blanche Quizno says

    Olivia, I was thinking while driving (a bad habit, to be sure) today (I spend a lot of time driving), and it occurred to me that, when I came of age in the last 1970s, it was not uncommon at all for young men to believe that, if the young woman they were with (me) agreed to disrobe, that meant the young men were guaranteed sex. Unprotected sex. I fought off attempted rapes several times – it took quite a determined struggle to convince my “suitors” that no did, indeed, mean no, and that no, they did not have the right to get laid just because a girl had made out with them. In retrospect, considering the amount of force they had used to that point, it amazes me that they didn’t actually rape me, that they somehow acquiesced and accepted that I was unwilling and they were not willing to rape.

    In fact, I remember one of my friends, one of the guys down the hall I used to get high with, telling us a story about raping a date, how he “doggied” her and she was “really mad” afterward, but I didn’t really understand that was what he was talking about until much later, because I was still quite naive and inexperienced at the time – and he was a friend and, to my experience, a nice guy. He never assaulted ME…

    I don’t know why I’m telling you this, except maybe to provide some context that illustrates just how bad things used to be, and why we still have such a long way to go.

  4. Al Dente says

    WMDKitty @6

    Of course not. Although considering Ophelia’s comment @3 it would be funnier if he were humping the Space Needle. Or possibly Mt Rainier. Or if not funnier at least not assholish and rapey.

  5. A. Noyd says

    WTF is the title supposed to mean? That Galliard usually has to pay for sex?

    Also, if you want bad jokes involving the Space Needle, I’m not sure you could get more epic than this one. (Watch the video.)

  6. rq says

    This did the rounds on my FB (a couple of good (man) friends) and I did not have the words for it. But it did tell me something about their sense of humour.

  7. MadHatter says

    Was no better for me in the late 90’s either Blanche. I used to fight to pay my half of a date because if I didn’t men thought that meant I owed them sex.

    I listened to a BBC documentary call “All that stands in the way” yesterday about young women’s experiences and opportunities in various countries. One that really got me was the journalist talking to a 16 year old in London. The constant barrage of rape jokes, threats, and verbal harassment was worse than what I grew up with. She commented on being in a class with only one other woman, as soon as the teacher left all the men in the classroom started “joking” about gang raping the two women. And apparently a new word for sex in young men’s vocabularies right now is to “beat” her.

    Of course the young men didn’t understand the problem. “If she didn’t want the attention she wouldn’t wear makeup/nice clothes or go out”. The young women were all a lot more aware and frustrated by it, but sounded resigned to just dealing with it.

  8. A Masked Avenger says

    Sorry I watched. Notice that the women catch him at it, and are clearly not consenting. He’s not just making rape joke: he’s committing sexual assault right there on camera.

    * Perhaps not legally. But assault is not just a physical attack: it’s also any action intended to put someone in fear of being attacked. Morally, in my book, he’s not joking about assault. He’s committing it.

  9. Menyambal says

    It assumes that women going about their daily lives are meant for sex at all times The point of the title is that he doesn’t have to pay with his time or attention or pretense to care, probably.

    I had seen the words “free sex” together before, used as an attention-getter. I wondered then about the assumptions.

    I call it rape. I did not watch it.

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