1. Jean says

    A bunch of Canadian cities have decided to fly the rainbow flag at their city hall. And the Olympic stadium in Montreal is illuminated in rainbow colors.

  2. Acolyte of Sagan says

    I don’t quite get why Russians are so homophobic. Look at Red Square, for example (particularly at night – try an image search), a chunk of Moscow so camp it makes Disneyworld look positively butch.

  3. Stacy says

    Someone could do to remind Putin that the games started as a bunch of naked oiled up men wrestling

    Yeah, and in Greece yet.

  4. says

    What coincidence – or maybe not a coincidence: The advertisement on top of this blog post, as I see it right now, is for – “where lesbians, homosexuals and other twisted people meet”. (Here, “twisted” is my attempt at translating “skeiv” into English, clearly an antonym to “straight” – “slanted” might be equally appropriate.) The choice of this word seems a clear attempt at appropriating what might be seen as a slur and viewing it in a positive light instead. I wish the other advertisements here were as appropriate.

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