1. borax says

    Fuck these scum bags. I’m really pissed right now because my niece is dating an asshole jock who wants to be a cop.

  2. Félix Desrochers-Guérin says

    There ought to be matching “… and is inflatable.” decals. I’d buy one as a “gift”.

  3. Bernard Bumner says

    “Honk if you’re also an unfunny, sexist”

    “My other car is… owned by by a unsophisticated misogynist”

    “Keep your distance. Creep on board”

  4. Wylann says

    Sadly, I’ve known a d-bag who had that sticker on his (of course) lifted 4WD big ass gas guzzling truck. He wasn’t a friend or anything, just the boyfriend of a client. And he was at least as creepy as you might expect.

  5. sambarge says

    I’ve seen this bumper sticker on a truck with truck nuts. I was not surprised.

    What message, exactly, are truck nuts supposed to send?

    “My nuts have been removed and placed on my truck.”

    “My truck is so manly, it has nuts.”

    Or, simply: “Hey, everyone! Look at my nuts!”

    I actually approached a stranger in a parking lot once and asked him why he had testicles hanging from his truck. His only response was that it was ‘a joke’. I get that it’s supposed to be a joke, what I want to know is what IS the joke?!

  6. says

    *laughing madly*

    Oh, truck nuts. For some reason I thought that was the kind of nuts that go on bolts, and were just some metal decoration of some sort. Truck nuts. Hahahahahahahaha

  7. mildlymagnificent says

    Truck nuts? I’m with Ophelia.

    And with sambarge now that I know what people are talking about.

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