MRAs in Canada

Oh gosh there was a fun occasion in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, at Ryerson University. Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat, gave a two hour talk on the kind of thing she talks about. (Men’s rights, that would be, and the evils of feminism.)

The introductory remarks were made by…Justin Trottier.

I haven’t watched it, because I’m not a fan of Straughan’s (or of Trottier’s, for that matter, though I did watch a few seconds of him just to confirm), but here it is in case you want to.


  1. Stacy says

    This is the woman who defended Purdah and suchlike customs by claiming that well, they have a nice safe life, while the men have to go out and work and face all the dangers of public life.

    Why would anyone want to listen to her for two hours?

    (Hope the audience was a small one, at least.)

  2. HappiestSadist, Repellent Little Martyr says

    Toronto seems to have a problem with MRAs, and also MRA speakers coming here. Like our shitbag mayor isn’t enough embarrassment…

  3. baryogenesis says

    If you decide to watch this, nearly the first half hour is preliminary set-up. I only watched bits, but it quickly devolved into ignorance. Listening to her responses to audience questions (roughly the half-way point after the prelim) is truly a face-palming experience.

  4. hjhornbeck says

    What? No-one’s asked or explained why Benson keeps mentioning Justin Trottier? Allow me:

    In March 2006 Trottier opened the Secular Freethought Centre, the first community centre in Canada for secular humanists. By January 2007 the Secular Freethought Centre had become the Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFI) and Trottier was hired as its first Executive Director. CFI currently operates 10 branches in Canada as a national educational charity. Trottier oversaw its national office, which coordinates its educational programs, campus and public outreach, social and community services, multimedia, and legal work.

    In 2011, Trottier was dismissed from his position as CFI National Director. He was rehired by CFI in March 2012 as National Communications Director. […]

    He was a guest speaker at The Amazing Meeting, the largest annual skepticism event, hosted by the James Randi Educational Foundation in Las Vegas July 2011.

    I think he’s still part of CFI Canada, as of November last year. He’s also a spokesperson for the Canadian Secular Alliance, somehow. Which makes for an interesting contrast, as:

    In January 2009 Trottier launched The Pendulum Effect podcast to discuss men’s rights, male issues, and perspectives on gender, equality and diversity. In 2011, he became the leader of the Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Campaign and was interviewed by the Toronto Star about the campaign.

    I’m not sure when he linked up with CAFE, but he seems to have also been a spokesperson for them for a few years. They have links to A Voice For Men, via Karen Straughan, yet aim to legitimize the MRA movement across Canada. One of their goals is to bring Straughan to eight Canadian universities this year.

    So Trottier is a bit… problematic, for the skeptical/atheist movement anyway.

  5. says

    Yes. What’s odd about it? Note the absence of commentary on the video. Note the fact that I said I didn’t watch it but here it is in case anyone wants to. What’s odd about that? Especially very odd? Libraries offer books on loan for people who want to read them; they don’t limit their offerings to books that the librarians have read.

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