They’re telling me to be tolerant? The boys in the boys’ club are telling ME to be tolerant? They don’t even let women in the fucking door. How about they be tolerant?


  1. Stacy says

    *bitter laughter*

    Yeah. A bunch of religious men, clerics–no women in the picture–asking for tolerance. (But of course no women are in the picture. Women mostly aren’t allowed to be priests, imams, rabbis. Never mind how they and their sacred scriptures treat women.)

  2. frogmistress says

    [And slowly my brain wakes up. *sigh*

    Thanks, Stacy. I needed my head pried out, there. ]

    Are they even speaking to women? I’m not sure we’re even on their radar.

  3. says

    I know it is not funny but the way you worded it made it so

    And yes of course we should all be more tolerant of each other

    Long as it does not compromise the Golden Rule then absolutely so

  4. quixote says

    “Are they even speaking to women?”

    Women? What’s that? The cooking and cleaning ‘bots are no trouble. No, obviously, they mean people, real ones, who might blow up their nice coffeehouse shouldn’t do that.

    (Seriously for a second here: as strongly as I believe in nonviolence, there are times when I think women have to start blowing things up. It’s the only language those guys seem to hear.)

  5. HappiestSadist, Repellent Little Martyr says

    Oh, I’m sure there are definitely women in that world. I mean, the dudes ahve clean clothes on, and someone both made the food and is bound to be stuck washing the dishes.

    Not that they’ll be actually visible, they’re happy over there out of the way, not making a peep because of their special spiritual callings.

  6. Wylann says

    Is that a real thing? (The image, that is.) Did some ‘religious tolerance’ organization really go through the trouble to make this as part of some advertising campaign (at the UN maybe), or is this an individual’s effort?

    Cuz that really raises the bar when it comes to being tone deaf…..

    Also, they need another dude (of course) with a big scarlet A on his shirt included.

  7. Wylann says

    Also, another thing I just noticed: according to the major religions, this world is only a temporary home. Their ‘real’ home is what they all are being such assholes about in the first place, so it shoots wide of the mark even more than it appears at first blush.

  8. iknklast says

    Wylann @8: that’s just what struck me. They’re always saying the world isn’t our only home; we’re the ones who are usually saying the world is our only home. Do they want it both ways? – Great life in this world, then bliss in the next one? Seems a bit selfish, if you ask me.

  9. Abdul Alhazred says


    … Yeah. A bunch of religious men, clerics–no women in the picture–asking for tolerance. …

    A very ambiguous picture.

    It could just as easily be the two bearded guys sitting down saying it to the other two, who are their servants.

    The fellow pouring tea — that’s his job. And the oriental “houseboy”.

  10. says

    Hey, why even mention women when they’re only half the population? If they were a majority, like the male half, it would be a different story. 9_9

    There’s another unwritten Indonesian-style message in that picture: You deserve tolerance if you belong to certain religions. If you don’t belong to one or don’t have one, tough luck.

  11. RJW says


    Perhaps the message should be addressed to the men in the image, it certainly reveals the prejudices of the author of the message. Why is the Buddhist standing in the doorway and not sitting down to tea with the monotheists?

    “Tolerance” is one of those ‘weasel words’, it’s very untrustworthy.

  12. says

    Clerics cannot speak honestly of tolerance while spreading their lies. A “tolerant” cleric is one who agrees to nod with a thin smile of distaste on his face, while allowing someone he “knows” is wrong to enjoy their incorrect beliefs before they die and suffer eternal torment,

    Religious tolerance is – at best – dismissive of the other. At worst it amounts to laughing up your sleeve.

  13. Silentbob says

    The boys in the boys’ club are telling ME to be tolerant? They don’t even let women in the fucking door.

    Oh, I don’t know about that. As long as you covered your immodest hair and other sinful contours I’m sure they’d let you pour the tea so the holy father needn’t bother getting up.

  14. Silentbob says

    For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

    1 Corinthians 11:6-9

    (Apologies to anyone who just vomited on their keyboard or put their fist through their monitor.)

  15. leni says

    Well, the male is the most impartial of any species. It’s true.

    That is why we castrate domesticated animals, no? To preserve their inherent impartiality?

  16. csrster says

    “Perhaps the message should be addressed to the men in the image”

    I _think_ that’s the intention of the image. I.e. it’s saying “hey you guys (sic.) why don’t you sit down and have a nice
    cup of tea and a chat.”

    Non-believers and icky-women aren’t even in the intended audience.

  17. Iain Walker says

    For some reason this picture makes me think of a would-be interfaith version of Father Ted (although at least Father Ted had Mrs Doyle).

    Wonder which one of them is the Father Jack expy?

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