One can imagine the pressure

Taslima has a guest post by a neuroscientist at MIT, Garga Chatterjee.

Many Bengalis take a lot of pride about Kolkata, as a centre for free thought and artistic expression. Kolkata, the so-called ‘cultural capital’, has demonstrated the increasing emptiness of the epithet, yet again. Taslima Nasreen, one of the most famous Bengali authors alive, had scripted a TV serial named ‘Doohshahobash’ ( Difficult cohabitaions) portraying 3 sisters and their lives – standing up to kinds of unjust behaviour that are everyday realities for the lives of women in the subcontinent. Nasreen has long lent a powerful voice to some of the most private oppressions that women face, often silently. The private channel where the serial was slotted ran a vigorous and visible advertising campaign – Nasreen’s name still has serious pull among Bengalis and the channel knew it. Nasreen had made it clear that the serial had nothing to do with religion. However that was not enough for the self-appointed ‘leaders’ of the Muslims of West Bengal who issued warnings to the effect that the serial not be aired. The commencement of the serial, sure to be a hit and a commercial success for the channel, has now been postponed indefinitely.

Notice that the “leaders” are self-appointed, as religious “leaders” so often are. (Who asked Fred Phelps for his opinion? No one ever.) Notice how some “warnings” from self-appointed leaders are all it takes.

One can imagine the pressure the producers and broadcasters have faced that led to the shelving of a potential runaway commercial success. As in the recent incident of Salman Rushdie being prevented from coming to Kolkata due to the protest by similar characters, one can be sure of the kind of role the Trinamool Congress government and its law enforcement agencies had in this affair. If the government is to be believed, it had no role in the criminal farce that is being played out unchecked. Muzzling free speech and right to expression does not always need written orders from the government. A phone call here, a verbal order there – these are typically enough.

So much for free thought and artistic expression.



  1. says

    It’s so heartbreaking reading about the extraordinary pressure that Taslima is being put through by “self-appointed leaders” in India. I wish Taslima all the best for 2014. I sincerely hope she remains safe.

  2. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    Self-appointed! We are such chumps, to let anyone get away with this. “God told me” is not meaningful to rational thinkers.

  3. rnilsson says

    Well then I can self-appoint too! Avast! say I! Heed it, pundits.
    Will it be anything else before we close?

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