“An adopted child is not considered a real child”

A petition:

On 22 September 2013, one day before the start of the school year in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Majlis or parliament passed a law permitting a stepfather to marry his adopted child.

In defence of the law, one Member of Parliament said: “According to Islam, every child who is accepted as an adopted child is not considered a real child. Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia law allow the guardian of the child to marry and have sex with his step-child.”

This shocking law will encourage child ’marriages’ and is nothing more than legalised paedophilia and child rape. It will further endanger the welfare of the child and violate her basic rights. It will deny the child any sense of security and safety in the home.

We unequivocally condemn this inhuman law. This law, like many other laws in the Islamic regime of Iran, violates the dignity and rights of children. And it must be stopped.

What a sickening, horrifying, and revealing law. A whole major religion and a country organized around the prime duty of giving men access to fresh tight young vaginas. It’s enough to make you vomit your insides out.


  1. Martha says

    Sickening is right. There’s no way to describe too strongly the revulsion we all ought to feel at this development.

  2. Tom Robbins says

    You know it’s been a bad news day when the first thing you think when you read a story is “KILL!”

  3. miraxpath says

    Sharia apologists like to gloss over the deeply unpleasant (and to my mind, perverted) aspects of sharia law but this here is a perfect application of sharia. Adopted children hold no status in islamic law – they can’t inherit for example. Of course millions of muslims adopt children, love them and treat them with huge affection, pass down their possessions to these children but EVERY one of these muslims is being a much, much better example of a human being than their shitty prophet ever was. He had a slave whom he loved and adopted as a son but fell in lust with his adopted son’s wife and the son then graciously renounced family ties, so that Mo could have his way with his daughter in law. To salve his conscience, Mo pretended that the adoption never happened and the hadiths reflect this. The grotesqueness of this combined with Mo’s child marriage to a 6 year old, is what gives this law its perfect sharia antecedents. The Iranians are completely right on the sharia front.

  4. Gordon Willis says

    Well, paedophilia is basic to Islam, isn’t it, given the example of their founder. We have seen how muslim perverts like Hamza Tzortzis are anxious to justify paedophilia to sceptical Westerners, but the religion by its rigid structure and the patriarchal attitudes that it enshrines implicitly imposes the corresponding “duties” on all little girls. We know that Christianity can accommodate child abuse by special pleading and denial, but that there exists a religion that positively fights for it and insists upon it…now that is a truly evil thing.

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