This is an interesting test to take – it’s a shades of color discrimination test.

I like shades of color, especially among the reds and purples. I’m not great on the test though.

Update: link removed because of reports of malware.


  1. M can help you with that. says

    It gave me a 4; I also noticed that all my errors were in the last spectrum. I wonder if eye fatigue is an issue with this? (…and color differentiation for different monitors probably also makes a difference.)

  2. says

    I got a 16. Not sure how that compares w/ other XY types. Looks like that means 16 squares out by at least one; I’m guessing from the heights of the bars they weren’t out by much.

    Is a fun test.

    I don’t know if I see hues better or worse than others, but I’ve certainly been told on a few occasions I’m annoyingly picky about them.

  3. says

    (… and tried it again, got 8; funny thing, tho; the errors I made moved to the right on that final graph; this time just two bands of four, where last time there were three bands of errors further to the left.)

  4. says

    Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information. Your score: 0

    Gosh – it was very generous to me by giving a zero score. Where did I go wrong at all?

  5. says

    I got a 3 when I did it earlier. Mind you, I was getting some optical effects that were likely neurological – oscillating colours (and that’s separate from the issue of viewing my monitor at slightly different angles).

  6. carlie says

    I got a 16. My problem was in the blues. I imagine monitor has a lot to do with it – I’ll try it again tomorrow with my nice big screen at work on my lunch hour. 🙂 Bruce, I also saw the oscillations – I think it’s an optical illusion that will happen because of the way they’re set up. More separation between the lines and bigger blocks might help.

  7. Colin Daniels says

    A score of 0 is the best you can get Marie-Thérèse. That is what I got, which apparently is very unusual for my age range – 40-49.

    Of course, had I moved a couple of feet away from the monitor I would barely be able to make out one end of the line from the other without my glasses.

  8. says

    @Colin Daniels:

    That’s good, that nought is the best one can get. Well – where does that leave me from an age perspective, as my age range exceeds yours indeed. I did it on a 15inch laptop with no artificial lighting in the background. I don’t wear spectacles at all. I worked from the edges of both sides of each frame. I found that it helped enormously, as it gave me a cue, as to know how to proceed and end each frame. Hope that makes sense?

  9. says

    I got a 0 which apparently means my colour vision is good. I also enjoy painting and looking at Art – from the Impressionists onward, not the mud-coloured allegorical stuff. Now I’m wondering: do I enjoy colours because I see them well, or am I good at sorting hues because I spend time playing with colours?

  10. psanity says

    That was really interesting. I had a lot of trouble at first, or felt like I did, when I was thinking, like, is that pinker or bluer? But I used to work with light color a lot (in theatre), and as soon as my brain switched to warmer/cooler it was pretty easy. (I got a 0.)

    I’m curious if other people had that effect.

  11. says

    Mostly I wasn’t really thinking about it. The warmer / cooler distinction doesn’t really work for the green-to-purple bit, as the coolest part is in the middle. I did find it strange that the brightness seemed to vary quite a bit – could be an effect of the screen of course.

  12. karmacat says

    I got a 34, but I did it quickly and my eyes are tired. excuses, excuses. I would do the test again but after 20 years of school, I just don’t any patience for tests

  13. Trebuchet says

    29. I could probably have done a bit better if I and my eyes weren’t tired and I took a bit more time.

  14. Anthony K says

    That was fun! I got zero!

    And here I’d always thought I had poor vision. What a shame; all that time spent learning to echolocate, wasted.

  15. lpetrich says

    I scored 11. Although I’m male, my color vision is almost as good as human color vision gets.

    Here’s a rather traditional sort of test: Take the Ishihara Color Vision Test It’s in big colored dots, for breaking up the outlines of the printed numbers.

    If you have red-green color blindness, the most common kind, then colors from red to green will all look yellow. That’s the color vision that dogs have, like most other mammals. Many birds do us one better, by seeing in the near-ultraviolet.

  16. lpetrich says

    I myself have composed Color-Blindness Simulators. I even have one that works on webpages, though it only works in recent versions of Firefox, and though it’s somewhat buggy. You load a webpage into it, and you can see what that page looks like to someone with deficient color vision. I also simulate dog vision in it.

  17. says

    Your score: 4
    Gender: Male
    Age range: 20-29
    Best score for your gender and age range: -200
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 444445389

    wut? O_o

  18. leftwingfox says

    27, which isn’t bad considering that I was diagnosed with a little colour insensitivity in the light red-green range, pretty bad since I make a career of art (I admit colour being one of my weak suits)

  19. DW Macaulay says

    Blocked as “reported for malware” by Opera. I would say don’t go there: also that the link should be pulled as a precaution.

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