Taslima gives a howl of rage and grief about Bangladesh and the murder of Ahmed Rahjib.

Rajib Haider Shuvo, a 26 years old  architect and talented young atheist blogger was brutally killed by the Islamists last night. He  criticized Islam the way I used to  criticize  Islam 26 years ago when I was living in Bangladesh.  He wrote  blogs under the pen name thaba baba. I wrote the same things in late  80′s using my real name. Thaba baba was killed. I survived but I was forced to leave Bangladesh 20 years ago. I would surely get killed like  Rajib if I lived in that country. I was on the top of the  hit list made by Islamic terrorists.

Bangladesh is a hopelessly pathetic country. A pure fucked-up country. The country has been  controlled by the Islamists. The society has been rottened  by the Islamists. The people have been manipulated by the Islamists. Atheists get killed. A few weeks ago, another Bengali atheist blogger, Asif Mohiuddin, was brutally stabbed by the Islamists. He quite brilliantly mocked Allah and Islam. Asif is fighting for his life. No doubt, Bangladesh sucks.

Islamization has wrecked one country after another. It merits every howl of rage and grief we can muster.


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    There appears to be an out-and-out war going on in Taslima’s comments. I’ve disagreed with her sharply before, but now it seems that the Great Defenders of Islam have all decided to present us with a microcosm of all the slime, froth, and hate that led to the killing in the first place – liberally seasoned with threats of rape and accusations of whoring, because the only thing worse than someone who doesn’t like Islam is a woman daring to open her mouth.

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    To you who would kill someone for belittling your religion: Your faith is weak. So when we see a crowd of bearded men screaming “death to the apostate!”, we see fearful, ignorant men who, on some level, realize that clinging to those childish beliefs is kind of stupid in the 21st century. And clutching an AK-47 doesn’t mean you are right, or even powerful. It only means that guns are cheap.

    The next time you contemplate violence against someone who expresses her honest opinion against the howling mob, remember that killing her would make her look courageous, and you look even more like a fool.

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    The scary thing is,most of the defenders of Islam who abused me on the comments section are from the Shahbag movement, who are considered the most ”progressive” people in Bangladesh.

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