The importance of respecting all prophets

Michael Nugent tells me a bit of news I didn’t know – that the EU has joined the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League and the Commission of the African Union to release a statement “expressing ‘the importance of respecting all prophets’, and ‘strongly committing to take further measures’ to work for ‘full respect of religion’.”


The joint statement begins by saying that ‘we share a profound respect for all religions,’ and absurdly adds that ‘we believe in the importance of respecting all prophets, regardless of which religion they belong to.’

Or to put it another way, we believe in theocracy, and if you don’t we want you to keep quiet about it.

Why is the EU teaming up with the OIC to do anything at all?

The world has gone mad.


  1. eric says

    If they were serious (they aren’t) and unbiased (they aren’t), it would actually offer a solution to religious oppression. Every minority believer just declares themselves to be a prophet.

    Come to think of it, isn’t this pretty close to what the mormons and some pentecostal churches believe already?

  2. fastlane says

    Well, I hope they are prepared to put on their pirate regalia on the appropriate day.

    You know, to show their respect.

  3. says

    Those who demand that I “respect” other peoples’ belief in this or that prophet are asking of me an impossible request, because I don’t, as a matter of fact, respect it. Nor can I be compelled by law or by the threat of violence to say otherwise.

    I do not expect, much less demand, that people respect my belief that Louis Armstrong is the most important musician of the 20th century.

  4. ex machina says

    I hope nobody blames this on bleeding heart progressives, because the EU is ruled by ruthless conservatives right now.

  5. desoto says

    Same old crap – if I don’t pretend your sky fairy is true, that opens the door for doubt about my sky fairy.

  6. Trends says

    YOu didn’t know this!?

    These initatives have be on going for some time now.

    Of course the EU will back legislation supporting censorship.

    The fucking qwangos running the EU are a bunch of spineless idiots who would trade in the entire enlightenment in exchange for social “peace” and tank of gas.

    Everyone is on the bandwagon claiming that criticism of Islam is tantamount to racism.

    Just last week Caroline Fourest, a french secularist and anti-racist was hussled out of a conference ( for her own safety) after members of “anti-racist” groups, some of whom were sporting headscarves,physically threatened her.

    The EU is being rendered sharia-compliant, and the same will happen with America no matter who wins in November.

    SOS Racisme ( a French outfit), Unite Against Facsim, Searchlight, The Southern Poverty Law Centre and all the rest are working to quash free-thought AND free speech.

    For all of these groups, the new victim, the new pet poodle is islam.

    YOu now hone your shiny anti-racist credentials by showing how you can nuance and ‘splain away Islam’s savagery, misogyny, anti-semitism, homophobia and religious apartheid as racist fear-mongering.

    Juast so many clueless Bob Pitts

  7. johnthedrunkard says

    How are we supposed to ‘respect’ prophets who obviously have no ‘respect’ for each other.

    You cannot simultaneously ‘respect’ Jesus and Mohammed. The latter actively denied the central claims of the former and declared all pre-Muslim scripture to be fraudulent.

    ‘Respect’ is a lie. The ecumanicalism will disappear as soon as the prophets have something concrete to fight over.

  8. ezraresnick says

    The EU statement contains more pearls, like:

    The anguish of Muslims at the production of the film insulting Islam, posting of its trailer on the internet and other similar acts, is shared by all individuals and communities who refuse to allow religion to be used to fuel provocation, confrontation and extremism… The international community cannot be held hostage to the acts of extremists on either side…

    “extremists on either side”: those who murder diplomats, on the one side, and those, on the other side, who provoke and incite by posting insulting films on the internet. As Ophelia says — the world has gone mad.

    (I’ve written more about this here.)


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