Her family refused to attend her funeral

A young woman of 19 in Mersin, Turkey, Hatice Ferat, ran away from home to live with her boyfriend. Her brother Mahsun did not approve.

Mahsun visited her in her new home and invited her out to take a walk along the beach. He then lured her in[to a] secluded area, slit her throat, stabbed her forty times, and disposed of the body in a river. When it was eventually found, her family refused to attend her funeral.
The investigation is ongoing – no trial has yet taken place. The funeral was held by 50 women, who took the opportunity to make it clear that such behavior would not be tolerated under their watch, shouting slogans that included “We are not going to be anyone’s honor,” “End honor killings,” and “Hands that hurt women should be broken.”


 H/t Deeyah.


  1. Chris Lawson says

    What a disgusting story. I hope the brother is convicted of murder, and any family members who encouraged him are convicted of being accessories to murder (or whatever equivalent in Turkish criminal law). I bet that the reason the family didn’t attend the funeral was because the father refused to allow it — I’d be surprised to hear that every single member of the family unilaterally and individually felt the same way.


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