Get me, I have a hand

I’m back. I had a sensational time. Here’s a photo I saw via Twitter of me telling everyone what’s what.

Update: the photo is Adam Lappin’s; he has a whole post on the talk, along with posts on many other QED talks. (No one person can have posts on all of them because there were usually two going on at once.)

It occurs to me that it may not be strictly necessary to wear one’s badge while giving a talk. Typical. One minute I forget to take it with me and have to go back to 1224 to get it, the next minute I’m wearing it in the shower. You just can’t get it right, can you Basil.


  1. says

    Apparently. People said nice things about it, voluntarily.

    I know the Q and A went well though. I like dialogue much more than monologue when it comes to real world talk.

  2. Godless Heathen says

    I support wearing the badge while giving your talk. Like you said, it ensures you won’t forget it somewhere!

    I used to forget to carry my work badge around with me until I started just wearing it all the time (or keeping it in my pocket). It’s much easier that way.

    Glad the talk went well!

    Are you speaking at Women in Secularism?

  3. says

    Yes I’m speaking at Women in Secularism.

    It pretty much looks as if I think I’m going to forget who I am! Or, worse, as if I think the audience is going to forget and I think it’s terribly important that they remember.

    Quite a lot of people approached me apologetically to ask me to sign a copy of Why Truth etc or Does God etc. As if it were some terrible imposition! Lordy. It’s a very nice compliment.

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