If I believed in past lives…

I would say that Pixel was a dog in her previous one. As proof, I present a video of her fetching her favorite toy:

The part where I say “Ow” is where she decided to dig her claws into my leg before leaping off. Oh kitties.


  1. says

    um I hate to say this but, if you turn your phone to the side you get widescreen video as opposed to thinnythinscreen. That’s why they do that, to make it widescreen, etc.

    Sorry. Pet peeve. :(

  2. Stacy says

    Jafafa, any filmmaker will tell you there’s no point in using widescreen (assuming choice in formatting) if whatever’s on the rest of the screen amounts to nothing more than visual distraction. In this case, the subject is teh kitteh and her antics. No need to see the rest of the room.

    (Not to mention that longthinscreen enabled Jen to capture said kitteh running to the far end of the room to fetch the toy.)

  3. says

    aw man. want kitties. why must you cat owners taunt me with adorable cat shenanigans?!
    also, what fantastic markings! kind of a himalayan mixed with a tabby? so pretty!

  4. says

    We have four feline masters, but only Kater Hector is ready to stoop so far as too play the game of fetch. His favourite toy is a small furry ball with a bell, which he brings when he decides it’s time to play. He would never go as far as to drop the ball into my lap, it sufficient for him to drop it in my general vicinity and to look demanding…

  5. MichaelD says

    Awwwwwww. That would never work on my cat. If she got up the energy to chase something down shes more into attacking then. Poor 4 legged octomouse…..

  6. says

    I had a cat, Earl, that did the same thing, although his favorite fetch toy was a crumpled up piece of paper. He also liked draping himself over my shoulders like some sort of kitty scarf and ride about the house semi-wrapped about. Sadly, I lost him to a urinary tract blockage, he’s been gone some 25 years now, but I recall him fondly.

  7. colleenboyle says

    My cat also plays fetch. She brings us a ball and cries at us. We throw the ball downstairs and she runs after it and brings it back. Sometimes she just plays by herself and pushes the ball down the stairs on her own and brings it back up over and over again.

  8. Elven Pirate Fish says

    My cat does the same thing, those he preffered fetch toy is an old kitty collar. easier to throw and gets good distance.

  9. lowspark13 says

    Oh kitties, indeed. I would’ve said that my cat was half dog also, he drank out of the toilet for a long time. Even if there was water in his bowl.

  10. shouldbeworking says

    For some reason, my neighbours think I’m strange just because in the summer I walk one of my feline overlords around the pond where she can pretend she is a mighty hunter of frogs and grasshoppers. Some people…

  11. lobotomy says

    Great video. And an interesting coincidence: I also had a cat named Pixel and she would also fetch. She earned her name by repeatedly attempting to walk through or otherwise get to the other side of any mirror. Unfortunately, never successfully.

    Long live our feline overlords!

  12. Katalina says

    Beautiful cat!! I love cats so much, but my daughter is viciously allergic. Not fair! Yours is fantastic.

  13. Trebuchet says

    We also have a cat that fetches and have had several others in the past. I think it’s pretty common, but not especially doglike — cats do it when THEY want to! Ours have tended to bring the toy back to just out of my reach, just to show who’s boss. Pixel does a bit better, I see.

    Our current fetcher even looks a lot like Pixel. She’s a seal bi-color lynx ragdoll. The bicolor bit means she’s got white on her face, chest, belly, and feet but otherwise she looks just like Pixel.

  14. treefrog says

    She’s beautiful!

    My oldest cat, Rosencrantz, used to fetch when he was younger. He had a stuffed heart that I’d given him his 1st night with us, and he’d carry it around. He’d bring it to me for this game, but I always wondered if he was simply thinking “Let me set this here to sit with y…Hey! Why’d you toss it?…ok, I’m back with it so I ca…Hey!…”

  15. treefrog says

    She earned her name by repeatedly attempting to walk through or otherwise get to the other side of any mirror.

    Funny how cats vary widely in their reaction to things like mirrors.

    Our oldest Rosencrantz uses mirrors – many times he’s been facing a mirror when someone speaks to him, and though his ears perk up backwards toward the speaker, he looks up into the reflection in the mirror to see us. He’s even used a double-mirror reflection (we have mirrors facing one another in one room).

    Karl paws at the glass (as he does with anything smooth) repeatedly ad nauseum – we’ve no idea what that’s about. Sojiro only runs into the room to gaze at the mirror when we have the closet door (where it’s mounted) open but never when closed.

    We have a few very weird cats, but that’s half the fun of living with them.

  16. says

    The part where I say “Ow” is where she decided to dig her claws into my leg before leaping off.

    Well, you were dangling the prey toy right in front of her face, working up her hunting instincts…. :P

    Mine doesn’t fetch, but she does chase after thrown objects.

  17. seadel says

    My cats Seaton and Della (son and mother), are previous life dogs too.

    However,they are’t interested in manufactured toys , fetching , batting around, and attacking screwed up balls of paper,down the three flights of stairs in my flat (appartment), keep them happy.

    The sound of the mail being opened causes howls of encouragement for me to screw the envolope up in a ball and chuck it down the stairs.

  18. melissa says

    I am pretty sure that in our legacy of reincarnation dogs do come before cats!! Just by the way they act we should be able to figure that one out. HA

  19. nunya bidness says

    My oldest daughter has a fluffy kitty who plays with pony beads. She picked up a bunch of beads that were mysteriously on the floor one morning and went to get dressed for school when the tinkle of little beads bouncing across a hardwood floor startled her. The cat had popped the lid off the bead bucket somehow and pulled a bunch of beads out with her paw then chased the beads all over the floor like it was some demented game of kitty soccer with a hundred little balls. The cat also likes to run around the kitchen and living room in a circle to build up speed then flop down on her fuzzy belly with her legs all splayed out. The result is a kitty sliding across the floor like a dustmop with ears and a tail.

  20. says

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