Blackout and whiteout

This is an odd combination. While much of my usual internet distractions are shut down in protest of SOPA and PIPA, Seattle is also shut down because of the snow. School was canceled, bus routes are mostly down, and the streets are totally impenetrable. At first I was worried – how am I going to spend a snow day without reddit and Wikipedia?!

But then I remembered I have a kitten, and books, and video games. Right.

I’ve also been entertaining myself by watching all the people who are building snowmen or sledding down my street. So has Pixel:

And here’s a gratuitous beauty shot:


  1. says


    But then I remembered I have a kitten, and books, and video games.

    And a digital camera …

    I just shoveled out my driveway, again. It’s so quiet when it snows, because the cars don’t whiz by at 50 MPH on the local arterial. I’d like snow a lot if it didn’t make it so hard to get anywhere.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Ok, from an observer who is biased toward my own cats, and thus against yours… that’s a good looking cat.

  3. gworroll says

    We had snow in CT a couple nights ago. I was looking forward to nice pictures when the sun came up.

    Got out of bed… all the snow gone.

  4. says

    OK, here is your gratuitous Canadian comment: Snow? That’s not snow. That’s just a light dusting.

    There, I feel better for having made a somewhat condescending comment. Ciao.

  5. evilDoug says

    On Saturday, our forecast for Calgary was snow all week. We got a little. Big chilly, -31°C last night, but only -29 for tonight.

    Cujo359: I really enjoy the quiet brought by a good snowfall. I like religious holidays for the same reason – they keep a lot of cars off the streets for a few hours.

    Very pretty kitty! Would you like some mousies? I haz some that I’d rather not have, but I’m very fond of mouseses, so I’m waiting impatiently til it gets warm enough to evict them to the great outdoors whence they came.

  6. matthewhodson says

    zOMG Your a cat…

    oh wait… [reads more closely].

    That is a beautiful carnivore you have there though.

  7. Brian says

    We had a blackout earlier this week, too, when a big chunk of Capitol Hill lost power. I was denied access to every single website on the Internet. Oh, and also video games. If you ask me, that’s going a little overboard on the protesting.

    Fortunately, books continued to work. And lucky for me, power was restored before sunset.

  8. says

    What? In Stockholm, we call that weather “Monday”. Last year all public transit stood still and my car was completely snowed in (as in snow up to the roof), and we *still* didn’t get a snowday :(

    I love Pixel, though. There’s no better companion to spend a day at home with :)

  9. Hypatia's Daughter says

    Cat story to while away the time. Mixed in with a little science nerdery.
    I had two cats like Pixel, but with the traditional Siamese face coloring – dark chocolate markings and those icy blue eyes.(From her face markings, it seems Pixel has some American Shorthair in her background).
    I named them Herschel & Hubble (after famous astronomers) and put a red collar on one and a blue on the other. A friend claimed I really only had one cat – but he was red-shifted when he was walking away from you and blue shifted when he was walking towards you.
    Alas, Hubble ran away from home and Herschel has a cranky & suspicious temperament. No fetching toys and sitting on laps for him. You lucky girl to have such a playful master!

  10. boadinum says

    I’d call -31 Celsius (-24 F) “big” chilly. as the windchill factor would make it feel like -40 C (-40 F) or so.

    And wot a beautiful cat!

  11. says

    (my post didn’t got through… take 2) She looks like a seal point lynx ragdoll. :) If she is, she’ll get more poofy around the ruff and britches as she gets older. I have a male seal point (also named Pixel!), and he looks like a walking carpet bag. :D

  12. Wendy says

    LOL Love the snow comment. Living is Saskatchewan I ran OUTSIDE (we might be crazy here) in the 6 inches of powder we received on Sunday. Though I will admit the cold spell with its -40C days (not including the wind) is starting to make me grumpy.

    A pretty kitty like yours sure would help. :)

  13. Pieter B, FCD says

    re: gratuitous beauty shot

    haminahaminahamina babble babble

    OMFG that’s both a beautiful cat (she’s not a kitten in that shot) and a beautiful photograph.

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