The kitty castle

Because you guys were so kind with your support in my previous post, I decided I would share one of the Jennifer McCreight Movement’s events with you. My roommate got our kitten Pixel a kitty castle:

She kind of likes it. I’m a little wary that it puts her at eye level with me. If she wants to take a loving swat at my face, she should have to work at it.

As you may have noticed, Pixel is growing quickly. She’s only 6 months old, and she’s huge compared to when we got her. We’re wondering how big she’s ultimately going to get. We may have to change her name to Megapixel.


  1. unbound says

    Pixel looks happy…and I do think she is plotting a few swipes here and there… >.>

    Yeah, you never know how big some of the cats get. The pair we got from the rescue shelter turned out to be mixed Maine Coon…so what were sweet little kittens now rival several of the neighborhood dogs in size (Storm is nearly 20 pounds).

  2. Tara says

    Ahhhhh she’s so cute! And what an awesome castle.

    Big kittens are the best. Their massive paws are so cute…

  3. Ashley Bone says

    Pixel looks just like our 15-year old cat Sarah did when she was young. It’s almost uncanny. She’s gotten a little darker along her back as she’s aged but when we first got her from the animal shelter she had that cream coloration on her back.

    Best cuddle cat ever, as long as you don’t touch her paws. Or her belly. Or touch her at all except when she’s in the mood to be touched.

  4. ChrisP says

    Let my guess, Megabyte? (Which could be an appropriate name for a cat as well, temperament depending)

  5. Azkyroth says

    *fantasizes about getting a nice pair of millipedes once I get my apartment straightened up and prove to myself I can handle them* :3

  6. DaveyGTi says

    as with most kitteh if you feed her enough kitteh snacks and love eventually she will go into a cocoon and emerge as either a lion or a tiger (which will depend on various environmental factors)

  7. says

    Aw, a lynx-point Siamese. (Look at those ear tufts!) Yeah, there’s no telling how big she’ll be. It will depend a lot on where the tabby in the mix came from.

  8. Kris says

    What a gorgeous cat. I always thought Pixel was a cute name choice, and Megapixel is a good nickname/ alternate (seriously, my pets always have about a half dozen variants they get called).

    On another name note, if you ever do decide to drop the “Blag Hag” name (I remember you expressing how you now felt kinda meh about it) then “The Jennifer McCreight Movement” wouldn’t be a bad alternative.

  9. Trebuchet says

    Aw, a lynx-point Siamese. (Look at those ear tufts!) Yeah, there’s no telling how big she’ll be. It will depend a lot on where the tabby in the mix came from.

    As the proud owner slave of one, I’d say lynx-point ragdoll is closer to the mark, based on the facial conformation and coat. Not that there’s anything wrong with Siamese! Our Bicolor/Lynx girl is 12 pounds at 3 years and still growing. Her playmate, a seal-point, is considerably smaller at the same age. But boy is she lively!


  10. says

    I love the kitty castle, and I can see the Pixel loves it too! What a great place (and vantage point) to hang out from (or hide away in the little cubbyhole when things get a bit too tough?)…

  11. Gabbeh says

    Seconding that ragdolls get huge. I have a 6-month old ragdoll as well, and he’s huge too. Actually, he looks pretty similar, although with longer fur.

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