Thanks, Pixel

I needed a kitten interlude from the recent internet stupidity, so here you go. She likes to look over my shoulder as I do my research.

“Another bar graph, really? Those colors? Hey, did you correct for multiple testing?”

Maybe I should just let her take my general exam.


  1. Blueaussi says

    Wow, she’s gotten big! So nice to have all that fluffy love when you’re feeling stressed and stretched, too.

  2. Aratina Cage says

    There is such a look of contentment in Pixel’s face that I just have to SQUEEE! over it.

  3. says

    She’s so lovely! She’s the same size and has the same markings as my cat, Goldblum, except Pixel has the tabby stripes. Beauty!

    How much does she weight now?

  4. Kels says

    Look forward to an ERV article about how you want to kill all dog owners.

    Also, my boy Momo is about that size, maybe a bit bigger. Big cats can be pretty awesome.

  5. Parse says

    I also recently adopted a cat (well, more like the cat adopted me, but that’s a long story), and I also named her Pixel. (Heinlein fans of the world unite!) Nothing chases away the stress of the world like a social, purring kitty.

    Though I don’t know about your Pixel, if mine got into research, she’d probably try sequencing the DNA of the Common Cardboard Box.

  6. HumanisticJones says

    Had several confirmed part Maine Coon cats… I’d say that Pixel definitely has a bit in there. Maine Coon mixes are such sweet cats too. Very big, snuggley, and affectionate… like cat versions of Teddy Bears.

  7. Lofty says

    Pixel: Mmmm, just protecting my human against stray moths and other crunchy stuff….

  8. Georgia Sam says

    Yeah, my cat give me unsolicited critiques of my work, too. Cats are such know-it-alls.

  9. R Johnston says

    Maybe I should just let her take my general exam.

    Nah, but next time consider a kitten preemption of the internet stupidity rather than a kitten interlude.

    And if a preemption doesn’t quite work, maybe let Pixel type out any responses you feel the need to make. The discussion at ERV and the like could use the elevation that Pixel would bring.

  10. Phledge says

    She definitely looks like she’s got some Maine Coon in her. Also, she wants to make sure your shit is right so you can keep affording the metric fuckton of kibble she needs on a daily basis. She’s got her priorities.

  11. Ex Patriot says

    I love your cat, I have 2 myself and they are some of the best people I know

  12. Sandiseattle says

    I once started reading a book about Cats and Calculus, seems cats rule the world bcuz they kno calculus. Can’t remember the title.

  13. Alexa says

    I see the Maine Coon! Look at the tufts of fur between the paws. And the size! Cute!

  14. Alexa says

    Pixel is so cute! You should post more pictures. (Or do you have a gallery somewhere?) Also, you have fantastic lips, Jen. I’m jealous!

  15. says

    My ex had a Maine Coon for years named Sugar. Every morning it was kitty shiatsu. Deep tissue massage with scars for free, alarm clock, and fuzzzzzzzy footwarmer, all for the price of dry cat food, and chicken livers.

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