1. HumanisticJones says

    Aw!! Kitten cuteness! Just the sort of thing I need after my horrible lunch break today! Yay kitten!

  2. hkdharmon says

    Wait! Cats can’t be atheists any more than God can be an atheist. One must believe in oneself, you know.

  3. eigenperson says

    Wait a second… that isn’t the real Flying Spaghetti Monster! In fact, I don’t even think it’s made out of spaghetti at all!

    WE MUST BURN THE HERETIC IMMEDI… ooh, look, a kitty!

  4. Alexa says

    Squee! I must know where Pixel got this noodlicious toy from. I think my cat would adore nomming on one of it’s noodly appendages!

  5. kendermouse says

    Just a warning – if that yarn is not wool, alpaca, or some other natural animal fiber, then if Pixel gets any in her tummy, it will be rather hard on her digestive tract.

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