Happy April Fools

In case you didn’t take a look at the calendar yesterday, I wanted to clear up some things for you. Greta isn’t leaving Freethought Blogs due to lack of rage. I’m not leaving Freethought Blogs because I’ve become an MRA. And the rest of Freethought Blogs is sticking around too.

Sorry for all the heart attacks we caused yesterday. Mwahahaa.


  1. Travis says

    Hi. I’m a fan of you and Greta Christina. That being said, I have to tell you that I don’t think these types of April Fool’s jokes are very funny.

    Have you seen the Rapid TP dispenser prank?

    The better pranks are the ones that are creative, and take some time/effort to set up.

    Love you; keep up the good writing.

  2. Brianne Bilyeu says

    Is this spam?

    I spent several hours drafting and finalizing my post. If everyone had even just put in *one hour* of their time to this prank, that’s 21 contributers at one hour each, so that is 21 hours devoted to pulling off this prank, plus all of the coordination in private emails back and forth to set it up over the past month. And did I mention that 21 atheists – we who are like herding cats, who all had different ideas about how this should go down – coordinated to pull this off?

  3. mnb0 says

    Because of all the effort it’s a good prank?!
    In fact I thought it a bit lame exactly because 20+ bloggers were involved. I understood the joke halfway the second linked article (JMC’s was the first I read; GC’s the second), so I largely skipped the rest.

  4. Travis says

    @Brianne Bilyeu

    Sorry, but faux blog articles are not good pranks, imo. Browse the blog-o-sphere for a while on April Fools, and you’ll run across plenty of these. :/

    For next year, consider maybe pranking a friend and getting it on video. Then you could post that.

  5. Brianne Bilyeu says

    Travis implied that it wasn’t a good joke because there was no time or effort that went into it. I was explaining that there was quite a bit of both involved. I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but I know we had a great time with it!

  6. Travis says

    Well, it’s good that you guys had fun. I’m commenting only because I was annoyed last year with all these faux posts, and it’s happened again this year…

    That’s enough negativity from me today. Take care.

  7. godlesspanther says

    Yesterday Answers in Genesis provided a lecture on the evils of lying and gullibility. And that was (according to them) not a joke. The “Dr.” who posted it really did not intend the irony overload.

    [bang head]

  8. magistramarla says

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the April Fools blogs. I wasn’t feeling well, so I spent my afternoon reading all of them, laughing and getting to know a few of the FTB bloggers that I don’t normally read on a daily basis.
    I thought that the clever coordination made it all even more hilarious.

  9. says

    Awww, man. I clicked your link to Greta’s blog and kept following the chain of FTB quitters hoping to find one about you, but never saw it and figured there wasn’t one. >_<

    Great prank anywa. :D

  10. says

    Shorter Travis: you didn’t do what I wanted, therefore it wasn’t.

    Can we please have your e-mail address so that the next time we make a decision as a blogging platform, we make sure and consult you for your personal preferences first? I wouldn’t want us to make another mistake. In fact, I’m going to start consulting you before I make any decisions, just in case you don’t approve.

  11. says

    I, for one, thought the April Fool’s hoax was hilarious. It was like everyone came together for a competition of who could be the most absurd, but not immediately apparently so.

  12. Blondin says

    I think the best April fool blog joke was the year that PZ “confessed” to being Cuttlefish.

  13. Slaughter says

    That was just last year, wasn’t it? Meanwhile, I agree with what Travis said in the first comment. April Fool’s jokes generally are lame, and Sunday’s kept up the tradition.

  14. says

    I’m sure next year everybody will pander specifically to your particular desires and needs, Travis. 2013 will be the Year of the Repeat Complainer.

  15. says

    Right… well-thought-out and planned prank that involved 21 atheist bloggers reporting on the next about leaving the atheist blogosphere often for religious reasons, and fooling quite a few people = dumb… but toilet-paper prank = brilliant. Got it.

  16. Drakk says

    Dammit, I lost the trail when I hit Daniel Fincke. I figured it was a circular send-off, but I couldn’t follow it right :(

  17. Meyli says

    I KNEW IT!!!
    I was in the shower last night, and it hit me. McCreight was totally joking.

  18. says

    Brianne, I though your piece on Hank was especially brilliant. I loved the Clint Eastwood bit at the end, just to add that extra bit of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to possibly get people to realise it was a charade. Well done.

    For that matter, I managed to snare the first post on Greta’s blog with a continuation of the joke (even added a smiley for the humour-impaired). It was especially fun to work out how the loop was working when all of the posts were appearing in varied order, and some bloggers didn’t explicitly link the next post. And Jason Thibeault’s pony theme for FreePonythoughtBlogs is pure win.

    Wow Travis, et al., way to spoil the fun. For the record, I tend to think practical jokes are crude, not particularly clever, and frequently un-funny, especially if they go wrong. But I suppose that means I’m the one with no sense of humour, not you… Also, what do you expect a bunch of bloggers – writers, ya know? – to do in the way of jokes? Leave banana peels for each other to slip on?

  19. mnb0 says

    I didn’t write I didn’t like it – I wrote that 20+ people involved was too much.
    Yeah, that you guys had a lot of fun is obvious.

  20. Travis says

    My point that you guys seem to keep missing is that the blog-o-sphere is already over-saturated with these faux articles on April Fools Day.

    The first one or two you read might be funny, but eventually you’ll get annoyed, and stop reading the articles which are obviously fake.

    That’s why I didn’t read all of the faux articles you guys posted.

    Imagine ten people trying to tell you the same knock-knock joke within a short period of time…

  21. James Power says

    You complete and utter bastage! I didn’t read the one about Greta leaving FTB on the 1st and didn’t check the date. I was gutted! Also slightly baffled by the fact that she didn’t mention it on her blog.

    Good jape, kudos for catching me out :)

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