"Ask an Atheist" dominates Seattle public access TV awards

A big congratulations to my fellow Seattle heathens. Ask an Atheist, a public access television show that answers live questions about atheism, won four awards at 2010 SCAN Awards: Favorite Religious, Spiritual, or Faith Program, Favorite Locally Produced Program, Favorite New Program of 2010, and Favorite Studio/Live Program. Apparently their wins made the award ceremony amusing:

The event featured musical acts by local talent including: a gospel choir who did not appear to enjoy our success, a solo acoustic folk act, and some traditional Indian music from the host of another show on SCAN, ‘Bandish‘. Our success at the event turned us into a bit of a joke about half-way through the show, with Warren Etheredge of ‘The High Bar’ asking if our success was part of “God’s plan”.

Congratulations, Ask an Atheist! Their shows are also available online, so check them out here!


  1. says

    Yeah for Seattle ! It is fun watching everyone use their own strategy and skills to take “Atheist” out of the common-sense bin for “degenerate, dangerous social parasite”.OK, maybe some you want to preserve parts of that label.

  2. plublesnork says

    Awesome! That’s pretty fantastic.Now, what’d be even more fantastic is seeing you on there as a guest.Yep. I like that idea.

  3. Peter B says

    I’m going to predict that a show about atheism winning a prize relating to religion will simply be taken as more evidence by the Religious Commentariat that atheism is just another religion…*sigh* I wish we had public access TV in Canberra. And I wish I had time to get involved…

  4. LS says

    Ask An Atheist is pretty damned impressive, actually. I would really encourage people to check out the link Jen provided. The interview with Greta Christina was particularly awesome.

  5. says

    I am so glad they did. The show is great and it is really funny that they even won the Favorite Religious, Spiritual, or Faith Program award. Really cool. I am also trying to escape to Seattle. I’m from Puerto Rico living in Western KY. Talk about culture shock… I am so fed up with this Bible Belt crap that I started an atheist podcast in Spanish with some friends. If you have any Spanish speaking friends send them our way. http://ateorizar.blogspot.com

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