Bigotry is even better when it's hypocritical

Okay, I’m trying not to make every post about this Constance McMillen story, but I keep finding new stuff that makes me want to bang my head into my desk. Like all of the ridiculous, hateful comments Constance’s classmates have been making about her on Facebook. But that’s not even the best part. Some students were stupid enough to post photos from the secret prom on public Facebook accounts, where some ingenious person stuck them on Flickr to preserve forever. I want to point out two things:Notice the two girls wearing jeans. Now, I’m not pointing this out to illustrate how tacky it is to come to prom in jeans (hell, some of those dresses were fugly enough fashion nightmares all on their own). I’m pointing it out because the school and community were against Constance wearing a tux. You know, an outfit that has pants, because the dress code required that girls all be feminine little ladies and wear dresses. Apparently Jesus makes exceptions for straight girls.

But okay, I’ll let the pants slide. The real issue at hand was keeping the gay away right? We were told repeatedly that seeing two girls dancing together would just be too distracting for the other students. Good thing the kids at the alternative prom didn’t have to see any of that. Wait a second…OH GOD. GIRL IN THE SEAWEED DRESS IS DANCING WITH ANOTHER GIRL! AND AND AND…nobody seems to notice. Because it’s totally normal and okay for two girls to dance together, as long as they’re straight. Heck, it’s encouraged. Bump and grind away, ladies, because the guys will pay so much more attention to you! Except if you were actually lesbians, in which case that’s just wrong and you’re making baby Jesus cry.

Though, I can’t be sure. Maybe Constance has been successful in recruiting more innocents to her cause. Damn those wily lesbians!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go weep for our future.


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    “As uaual. . . those conservative loons are always preaching morals in their underwear.”Except in this case the underwear is on their heads.

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    I know it’s a serious issue, but bloody hell Jen, you’re making me laugh.You’re doing a great job pointing out hos stupid they’ve made themselves look.Go Jen Go

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    Idea: Let’s put Constance and her family and some animals into a boat and then destroy the world with a global flood. It’s time for another reboot, don’t you think?

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    Jason: While I love the symbolism, I’m not sure if repopulating mankind with lesbians is the best of ideas…

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    The logistics behind organizing a prom, then letting all the students know about it except Constance and her friends….it’s just mind-boggling how committed these people are to their bigotry.

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    Absolutely incredible levels of bigotry and ignorance detected (over 9000?)Witnessing how far this community has taken this makes you appreciate Constance’s bravery even more. Coming out of the closet by itself was probably quite an ordeal.

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    Thanks for the flickr links. From everything I’ve read neither of the proms were actually school sponsored. So they’re being called proms by folks on both sides of the debate but actually they’re just private parties, right?

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    Gah, can’t read those Facebook posts on Flickr. Flashbacks to all of the stupid people I knew in high school.

  9. Anonymous says

    @Jen “While I love the symbolism, I’m not sure if repopulating mankind with lesbians is the best of ideas…” We just need to make sure to include turkey basters in the ship suplies (and sperm and a refrigeration unit). Lesbians solved that logistics problem years ago.

  10. Julie says

    Looking through the Flickr page, do all teenage girls dance like they’re trying to shit out a baby? Do they actually think that looks attractive?

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    Pictures gone by the time I got here, but looked through them last night. There was one, a montage, from the prom that included a picture of two girls touching tongues. So, um, what was the objection to Constance again? Are girls kissing only ok if they are straight? Another thing I was thinking of – how likely is it that Constance and her girlfriend are the only gays at the school? Not at all likely. How is this for them, to see how they would be treated if they were honest about who they are?

  12. Poopoocopter says

    This place is filled with so much confusion and hate it is bleeding off into other websites. is attacking Christians now starting with the letter “A”….Asshole Christians and their morals. Everybody in here, please do not procreate. There is enough crap going on in the world and we don’t need any more atheist soldiers spreading their anti-religion religion. That’s right because all of you are are practicing the religion of Anti-God.

  13. mcbender says

    To the above commenter: please get a clue and then come back. If you think that atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby.As for “soldiers”? Uh, no. It always amuses me when atheists are accused of being “militant” when all they do is speak out, whereas for any religionist they actually have to be violent in order to be given that label. I do not advocate violence of any kind; I merely speak out against idiocy of all forms.I’m not merely anti-God, if that phrase has any meaning. I’m anti-stupidity, anti-brainwashing, anti-superstition, anti-dogma… the list goes on. The point is that my problem is as much with the epistemology of religion as with any of its particular claims, and I have just as much of a problem with that approach when it’s applied to areas other than religion (e.g., to pull an example out of thin air, medical quackery such as homeopathy).Now, I will say this: if I thought there were any reason to believe a god as worshipped by believers existed, I would oppose it in whatever way I possibly could; morality (or perhaps I should say ethics) would demand it. In that sense I am “anti-God”; the real question is, why aren’t you? Anybody who not only believes the incredible claims of religion, but chooses to support such a being as the gods commonly discussed, is morally bankrupt under any consistent definition of morality.

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    The photos seem not to be working now. Shame. But yeah this whole situation just sickens me. And these kids (clearly getting from their parents) saying “she’s just doing it for attention!!!” really piss me off. Because um hello, if you claim that’s the case then you are openly acknowledging that you’re a backasswards POS. The only reason it’d be getting so much attention is because of how sickeningly the district has responded to it. Had they just let her go [like they should have], there’d be no attention whatsoever. Or had they actually let her go to their unofficial prom, again, everything would have settled down, “woo school/parents did right, case closed!” and the attention would have been on them shaping up, not her, and it would have died quickly. But because they acted like a bunch of douchebags, she ends up being full center of attention, each and every time they show their true colors more and more. They are the only reason she has this attention!!! ARGH!!!

  15. Introbulus says

    Oy…>:/ I remember reading about this when I was linked to it, and it still puts a serious bee in my bonnet. Don’t worry though, for even though we have taken one step backwards in civil rights, we shall take two steps forward! And other encouraging words!

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