Sexism in atheist conferences in Kerala

Female attendees are very few in atheist meetings in Kerala. Many concerned male atheists are thinking deep about the reasons for lack of participation of females in their “noble” ventures. They are also very concerned about lack of support for male atheist activists from their wives.


This is one of the slide shown in a talk explaining lack of support from wives to male atheists. “Wives only loves those husbands who bring money and jewels even if they are scoundrels or criminals “, explained the speaker.  If you are not bringing any money it is better to have a mute wife.

Slides taken from this talk video

Slides taken from this talk video

The shocking thing is such slides are welcomed with thunderous applause by male atheists.

With so much sexism in view, no wonder very few females take part in meetings with such talks.

I am happy to note that lately many  male and female atheists of younger generation are revolting against such blatant sexism in conferences. Things can only be better from this low level.

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