Indian Atheist FB page reaches hundred thousand likes

Yesterday was a land mark day for online atheist community in India. The Indian Atheist page on Facebook got its 100,000th like yesterday.  Congrats to all who are looking after the page.


Indian Atheist page was created by the India freethought group Nirmukta. The page was started 7 years ago. It reached 1000 likes in 2010. With Facebook becoming more and more popular in India, and an upsurge of  interest in atheism and freethought, there was a sharp rise in people liking the page in last one year. In June 2015, when the page was partially blocked and marked unsafe by FB for few days, the number of likes was only 28000. 

India now has a fairly vibrant online atheist community. Let us hope that the voices of reason and rationalism will become louder and more influential in Indian society.

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