Wage gap as wide as ever

Generally the family driver is best paid while the maid is only paid around half of what the driver makes. The driver also trumps nanny salaries, suggesting people are willing to dish out more to take care of their cars than their kids.

Findings of a recent study on wage gap among domestic workers in India brings no surprise. If you are a male, you will be paid more regardless of the importance, severity or duration of work.

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Sadly there is no sign of any end to this gender discrimination.


  1. Papia Mitra says

    I think you have got it wrong; in this it particular case the gap is between skills.
    A good driver has specialized skills the car owner does not, and a nightwatchman’s job is more hazardous.

    The nannys we Indians get are not child specialists or trained ; they are simply ordinary women who are looking for an ordinary job. moreover, there are usually elderly relatives available who can take over in a pinch. same thing with maids. They contribute physical labour which can be done by the housewives themselves. So people will be reluctant to pay them more.

    • Arun says

      Lol. So you think looking after a child is an easier job than that of a driver or a night watchman ? No comments. Lol

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