Yoga can cure cancer ! Just wait for a year for evidence.

Wonderful news from India. We are gifting the world a cure for cancer.  I am bursting with “Indian Hindu ” pride. Our culture, our ancient and great civilization know how to cure cancer. It only needed two years of real Hindu government at Delhi for this to happen. Islamic invaders and European colonialists along with their stooges in Nehruvian Congress can no longer suppress this science loving “race”.



Indian Minister of State for AYUSH (Alternative Medicine) , Shripad Yasso Naik said that yoga asanas can cure major diseases like cancer. He said that the government will come out with scientific evidence on this in a year.
“It is a proven fact. We have visited the Bengaluru-based Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA) institute, where many people told us they have been cured of cancer by regular practice of yoga. The institute has found a technique of yoga for the prevention and cure of cancer,” he said, speaking at the inauguration of a four-day National AROGYA fair.
S-VYASA chancellor Dr H R Nagendra is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru.


Sadly, instead of rejoicing at this great news, some anti nationals are not convinced about our greatness and are asking silly questions. See what this person, that too a woman, who calls herself a yoga practitioner is asking ! She claims she is a cancer survivor but give the credit to surgery and radiotherapy, instead of yoga that she does every day.

In what way will yoga provide a cure for cancer? Is it through teaching the patient to control his or her body through meditation techniques or will cancer victims be prescribed a few rounds of bhujangasana or surya namaskar? Will it work at all stages of cancer? Will someone in the last moments of the disease, eking out their days on morphine, be brought back to a full and marvellous life? Is the AYUSH ministry trained to check this cure? Are there peer reviews? Will there be clinical tests?

I am curious, therefore, about this cure.

And most of all, I am angry. I have had it with announcements of cures which then tell you that they will be ready in 40 years. I am angry that people talk loosely about cures when so far there is nothing close to a magic button for all cancers. I am angry that I have so little information about this cure from yoga. Will it be like the yoga teacher’s claims that yoga can cure homosexuality, as if it is a disease?

You might argue that I only have to wait a year to be cancer free with a government-stamped warranty that it will never ever come back and I will die of something else.

Or I might caution you about raising false hopes in people who sometimes have only hope to live on.

What a nerve to question the ancient Indian science ?  The honourable ministerji has announced it in a state function. He is the minister in Modiji’s cabinet. It’s Modiji’s yoga teacher who knows the cure. Still she is asking for evidence and clinical trials ! If she do not believe in greatness of her “race” let her go to Pakistan.

Bharat mata ki Jai – Victory to mother India !

Image credit: Adnan Abidi, Reuters


  1. moarscienceplz says

    I’d laugh at this, except Donald Trump is the most likely Republican nominee for President of my country, so I don’t dare.


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